You have been directed to this page as my records show that you booked for a recent gig and did not, it seems, attend.

So, please carefully read the following - there is a short form at the end, should you wish to comment.

Tropic At Ruislip operates a "Trust" booking system which means that you, the customer, need spend no money on booking fees and equally I, as promoter, pay no commission to booking agencies etc. There is also a generous degree of flexibility as you may cancel or change your booking right up until 6pm on the day of the gig (6 p.m. EXACTLY).

However, this very flexibility means also that nothing prevents somebody booking and simply not turning up.

When a gig is SOLD OUT then ANYONE not attending (and not notifying by 6 p.m.) could very likely stop somebody else coming instead, which could be seen as unfair or even selfish.

If a gig is NOT sold out this generally causes no problem, especially for smaller bookings but when, say, two groups of six fail to turn up, that could push up the required number of bar staff with a negative "knock on" effect on costs. have been asked to look at this page as, according to our records, EITHER you failed to attend a SOLD OUT gig OR your booking was for a whole group who, it would appear, did not attend another gig.

Of course, I do recognise there could be a number of reasons why you did not come e.g. you simply forgot, your were let down, you encountered transport problems.

With gigs getting more and more popular the number of sell out shows is increasing and so I need to monitor more closely persons who book and then do not attend both to run things efficiently and to be fair to others.

For this reason your name has now been "flagged" as somebody who has booked and not attended, so that your future bookings will be monitored.

Should a pattern of non-attendance emerge then it is only right that, on SELL OUT nights, I should reluctantly give persons on the waiting list priority ahead of your request to attend.

This would NOT, of course, mean excluding you as a person; you would be most welcome to come along on the night and see if, due to other 'no shows', you can yet be admitted (NB - the "House Full" limit is rigorous, set by fire regulations).

I have no desire AT ALL for any sort of "Black List" but, to be fair to ALL my customers, I cannot be seen to turn away week in week out regulars when the booking list for a specific (SOLD OUT) gig includes persons who have previously booked and seemingly just not turned up. Nor is it fair to ask the club to employ more staff than actually necessary.

If you wish to comment on your specific booking, or on this policy in general, please feel free to do so on the form below.




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