A Tropic' we use a "Trust" booking system, this means that nobody has to hand over any money until they arrive, but provided that they have booked then, in the event of a sell out, they are guaranteed to get in as long as they are at the venue by, at the latest, 9.00.

If used correctly it means should you book and find yourself unable to come you do not loose out financially, and it saves on agency fees etc. BUT we do ask people to "fine tune" bookings before the gig.

If you have NOT booked but want to come for a gig then, should it show as SOLD OUT on the web site, you are invited to book just as normal and your confirmation will be in the form of a letter advising you that you have been added to the waiting list. Vacancies can occur by virtue of cancellations or "Fine Tuning" as outlined above.

In practice any sold out gig is always over-booked slightly to allow for some people simply not coming on the night (and not advising us in advance) so just turning up on the night in the hope of people not coming is not always practical as "they" have already been "allowed" for.

The capacity of the room is set not by Tropic, or the venue, but by the Fire Regulations.

If the gig you want to book for is sold out, just book for it as normal and hope somebody cancels.

Please note for all gigs you MUST be in the venue for 9.25 as in the event of a sell out we reserve the right after this time to release your tickets to others that might have arrived on the off-chance of getting in.


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