Hello - Please work through this page ahead of your visit to Tropic at Ruislip. Even if you have been before please scan though it as things change..... .


The items numbered ONE and TWO below are VERY IMPORTANT.

I refer to the up-coming gig in your diary for Tropic At Ruislip

1) In order that there are no horrible errors can I ask you to please look at Ruislip Gigs and make sure that the date is correct and please click through on the link to your page on my site and let me know if anything needs changing there.

Please also have a look at Band Info to check on such things as how to find us, access times, local places to eat etc.

 2) Also please have a look at our page regarding PA's (its a "staff" page only, so not as smart as it could be) and check your arrangements, where "Phil Jones" is our standard hire in pa guy. If you think you are providing it, it should say "OWN PA". We have had a couple of "cock ups" so this is important. DO CHECK THIS PLEASE

Let me know if anything looks wrong please as there will be time to sort it out now, but not on the night!

YOUR WEB SITE - I am a fuss-pot.......

Please make sure we are called Tropic At Ruislip and link to www.tropicatruislip.co.uk please do NOT use the @ symbol in our name. Phone number should be 01297 647455, please check your notes, this is the ONLY phone number you should quote. Please space as shown. (This is a new number from 2019)

I (Philip) arrive most gig nights at 6.30 p.m. appx



There used to be a dance class in the hall on Friday afternoons but this has now finished so access is possible pretty much anytime all day. However, I will make the assumption you will be arriving AFTER say 4 pm, where most bands actually arrive at around 6 pm if I am honest. If you want to arrive before 4 pm please let me know and I will let the club know.


Main band on at 9.30 and MUST finish at midnight. Bar is to midnight also. Band must set down and be out by 1.30 a.m. latest.

I ASSUME your set is at LEAST two hours or thereabouts. If it is NOT then you MUST let me know so I can decide on a support band/timings, unless you know this has already been arranged.


On Saturdays there is NORMALLY a home match on.

If Wealdstone are at home (you should be able to check here) then you are advised NOT to arrive until 6.30 soonest. The main hall for the gigs is also used as an overflow bar on most match days, but generally we can have it from 6.30. Also getting a car in and parked can be a problem on match days as the car park and the local roads get packed.

Otherwise much as above for Fridays

Sunday evening gigs, we aim to do doors at 8.00, music about 8.30 and have a 10.30 (music) finish ish....with bar (and music?) to 11.00, get-in is from say 5pm.


YOU MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SMOKE IN THE DRESSING ROOM or adjacent loos and corridors. If you ask we can get you a key to the outside doors leading off the dressing room.


You MUST order any drinks you want to have after your gig BEFORE MIDNIGHT (Sunday 11.00) AND PAY FOR THEM. No money can go over the bar after midnight. We do not do bar riders, they have got stupid in the past. If you order drinks and pay for them earlier on and have them poured at midnight this is fine, and the venue are great at not insisting on you drinking them in ten minutes!!

If you want a tea of coffee I can make you one PRE GIG provided all is going according to plan with my setting up (!). I used to bring a box of Jaffa Cakes but I now live in Devon and so can no longer do this as they would melt en-route!


I used to provide towels but they kept on getting "liberated" but may have some available if you ask. Should they not come back then a sum equal more or less to the cost of replacing them will come off the band payment.

Posters - PLEASE do NOT write on them, I will overprint.


If you have been in before and have not been asked for posters don't send any, I have a system for asking for them should I need them. I "recycle" where possible.

Equally if you have recently sent some there is no need to send more.


Some notes on posters:

We have probably exchanged messages already regarding posters but if not please contact me as a matter of urgency, especially if this is your first visit to Tropic' I tend to re-cycle old artwork where possible, so if something might have changed since your last visit again get in touch asap.

If you go to this page (opens new window) and scroll down you will see your listing, this clicks through to my page about your show on my web site. Please check what is there is OK and factually accurate and ask me to update as required.

Please send your posters and any flyers (if applicable) to
P J Duerden, 22 Thomas Bassett Drive, Colyford, Colyton, Devon EX24 6PN 
(yes, I live in Devon).

Do not use recorded delivery.

Please do NOT send them to the venue as they always forget to hand them over, not unkindly but the person who gets them in the morning is not the person I see in the evening.


If we agreed you are bringing your own PA for this gig I can tell you the room does NOT like the speakers to be on the floor, bass bins ok but the main speakers MUST be raised so the bottom of them is about 4 or 5' from the floor. If you do not raise them the sound will be muffled and dreadful. Equally main speakers should not really be stood on the stage as it is hollow and can affect the sound.


I have a banner to use as a back drop I can bring if you do not have one.

It is a pain to get in and out so I prefer it if you have your own (!). If you have your own banner please use this link to tell me (e-mail admin@tropicatruislip.co.uk if link does not work) and I will then not bring mine. If you have a banner there are hooks but you will probably need some twine to suspend it as they are quite high up at the back. We have a step ladder if you need one.


Any issues please see below

My mobile is 07742 694 397 - I do not always have it about my person and there is no answer machine on it.


Do NOT use it for day-to-day questions, for the simple reason that ALL Tropic' questions can only be answered with me in my office and if I answer my mobile and not the landline (see below), chances are I am not in my office!!

01297 647455 is the "ticketline" number, that has a machine on it, I (Philip) pick up all the messages. It is never answered and I pick up messages on Tuesday, Thursday and after 6 pm on gig nights.

The venue itself is 01895 637 487 I arrive there at 4.30 pm on Friday gig nights.

e-mail is best - admin@tropicatruislip.co.uk again I, Philip, get them all, and they go to my phone too. I will see an e-mail far quicker than a phone message!!

Lets hope for a great evening.

Finally can you please complete this little form just for my file
unless you have already done it at some time in the past,
(and nothing has changed), thanks, Philip

Name of Band

Best name for contact

Address (so I know roughly where you are travelling from!)

Mobile Number


Philip (Tropic at Ruislip) mobile 07742 694 397
Please make a note of it,
do not pass to third parties,
it is for emergencies only

Best E-mail



Do you have your own banner to go behind the stage


Anything else I should know.....

Now click on submit below
ONLY if you have completed the form

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