It is assumed that you are reading this page as you wish to come to a gig that is showing as sold out.

This happens from time to time, where the normal room limit is 300 people but this is sometimes reduced due to proposed room layout (e.g. when a gig is largely seated).

However, due to the ticketing system we operate we can get returns, which means at short notice these can be offered.

To be fair to all no WAITING list is operated.

These returns will be offered around our e-mailing list (click link to join) should they come up, and those on the waiting list will be directed to a special page from which they can book.

The web site will continue to say SOLD OUT on it even if tickets are available, unless there is a sudden rush of cancellations, that way our regular customers get priority for tickets.

Please do not book for a gig shown as sold out, it just wastes my time and yours.


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