Over 200 FREE tickets to gigs are being given away to celebrate Tropic At Ruislip turning 10 years old!

Firstly. Have you got one of our 10 years of live music Tropic T shirts??

Great; then as long as you BOOK AS NORMAL and are WEARING YOUR SHIRT when you come to the gig then entry to our show for The Rollin Stoned on Friday 22nd February is TOTALLY FREE!!

AND you can still pick up a "voucher" (see below)





Come to see The Rollin Stoned on FRIDAY 22nd February and pick up a "voucher"
(one per customer and a maximum of 200 vouchers issued on the night so be early)


RETURN TO US on Saturday 23rd February to see Du Bellows and The Second Sons and bring in your voucher and exchange it for one for the "month" of your choice and THAT voucher will get you in to any FRIDAY gig that month FOR FREE.

One voucher per exchange and there will be a limited number printed for each month, if your month has gone pick a "reserve".


If you want to gain free admission to see Slade UK on 3rd May come and see the Rollin Stoned and get a voucher, return to see The Second Sons and Du Bellows on 23rd February EXCHANGE your voucher for one for MAY.

On the basis that The Rollin Stoned are usually 14 and Du Bellows and The Second Sons would normally be 12 and Slade UK are 12 then against a "normal" admission price for the three gigs of 38 you are paying just 20, which is just under 7 per gig!


Please note there are no cash alternatives offered and voucher may ONLY be used for the month stated on them. There will in general be a limited number of vouchers issued for each month but enough in total for everyone who picks up one of the 200 offered on the Friday show.

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