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We do NOT reserved ad hoc tables for people who just want to come and have a seat

If we did this chaos would reign. If you want to try and get a table you should get to the venue early and get in the queue, where, for doors at 8.30 (most gigs) being in the queue for say 8.00 is suggested.


































If you have asked for a table because of a medical need please be aware of the following.

All we do to save your space is put a label on the table (usually with your name on it). We do not stand over the table until you arrive, so we have to rely on the honesty and decency of others coming in not to occupy it. This does not always work! It is therefore requested that you arrive early to get your table/space.  We do NOT save tables in specific locations, it will be located where we think best suits on the night.

The space may NOT extend to everyone in your party, if you book for a party of six and say "My friend walks with a stick and needs to sit down" it does not follow that all six of you will have a chair, in practice we would normally put out a sign saying it is for six, but it is by no means certain folk will not occupy adjacent chairs.

WE DO OFTEN WATCH TO MAKE SURE THE SYSTEM IS NOT BEING ABUSED. If you ask for a table as you are disabled and then just spend the whole night standing your request will not be accepted should you ask for a table again. And trust me this has been carried out.

You can assume, if you have been directed here, that your request for seating has been noted and we will put a sign out on the night, but the bottom line is PLEASE BE EARLY.

If somebody has occupied your seat there is not much we can do about it. However, should you be unable to stay then we will refund the admission price of those in the party unable to stand, of course.

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR BOOKING DOWN and make no mention of the table request in your alteration we will ASSUME that those with the medical need to sit are not now coming and will cancel your table.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE: Should you reserve a table and then not turn up, and fail to cancel, we will NOT save a table again for you going forward.












































You have asked for a table as you are in a large group.

If you are in a large group and have requested a table we will do our best to accommodate you, but it is by no means guaranteed and saving a table for your group is offered as a gesture of goodwill only and does not form part of your admission.

HOWEVER, please be aware that priority for tables goes first to the disabled and then down to groups, and if we have a lot of large groups we will, clearly, not be able to accommodate them all, so then NO large groups get a table reserved for them. We will never know how many large groups are planning to come until a day or so before a gig.

It is very likely that a space will be reserved for your group. However, in practice we would normally put out a sign saying it is reserved for ten (say), but it is my no means certain folk will not occupy adjacent chairs, and indeed there may not have been ten chairs available in the first place.

Large groups have sometimes arrived late (having been for a meal first or to a local pub) and found that at 9.15 their table has "vanished" as folk have occupied it. There is nothing we can do about this, and we will NOT request that those there vacate "your" space, nor will we refund your admission if you have already entered.

You are strongly advised to get in early to the venue to get your space, which in practice will be more of a table and meeting point than a seat for everyone in your group.




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