What to do if you want to come to a gig that is shown as sold out.

Using the pre-book system in operation at the Tropic At Ruislip customers (a lot are regulars) indicate they are coming and then, should their circumstances change, tell us that they then CANNOT attend for whatever reason and so release spaces that others may then take up.

A "waiting list" system was tried in 2014 but actually it was found that those that went on it, when advised space had become available, either did not get the message in time or had subsequently found something else to do on the night in question as often pre-book cancellations were at very short notice.

Thus adding them to the booking list for the night actually was counterproductive as it stopped others booking at short notice as I was still showing "house full" numbers on my list and thus the web site.

It follows that going forward a waiting list system will NOT be employed and the old system will be used again where customers are advised to keep an eye on the web site for updates.

If you wish to try and get tickets may I suggest you simply keep a regular eye on the web site but
PLEASE NOTE your BEST chance to get tickets is to check the web site on the two days immediately prior to the gig.

Indeed, two HOURS before the gig is often a good time to look

In practice usually those that have booked get a reminder letter when a gig is sold out about two days before the actual night and this can raise a flurry of cancellations.

Please note people who book and then simply do not turn up can find themselves added to a list and where a gig is sold out may be asked for pre-payment to ensure they do not stop others coming.

At 6pm on the actual day of the gig pre-booking closes and an indication is given on THIS PAGE by the gig listing if tickets are likely to be available on the door.

Please do NOT try and pre-book after 6 pm on the day of the gig as there is no guarantee your reservation will be seen.


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