Slight change at Tropic - "Badge Promotion"

As a member of a band (or an agent for one) that has at some time played at Tropic At Ruislip and is either likely to return, is already scheduled to return OR is potentially going to come to us I think I should make you aware of some minor changes to the promotional arrangements with me which HOPEFULLY will work for the good of all, although until it is tried we will never know!

I see the bands that play at Tropic’ in four distinct “groups”:-

1) Tribute bands pulling 200+ or which there are several, but by no means loads

2) Tribute bands pulling below 200 (which is the largest group)

3) Original bands pulling 150+ (not all that come).

4) Original bands pulling below 150.

A number of original bands are on the cusp of the 120/150 mark.

This new system is designed to help promote the original bands and some tribute acts attracting a smaller crowd by “using” SOME of the other shows.

If you are in a tribute band it might well benefit you and not actually COST you anything.

If you are in an original band or tribute attracting a smaller crowd it MIGHT mean that some of your customers get in at a lower than normal price.

As I am sure some reading this will know, I have experimented with putting various original bands in on Sundays at various times of the day with very limited success. It is a shame to let the room remain idle on Sundays, especially as the return time for a lot of bands is now well over a year.

So the plan going forward is to try putting some TRIBUTE bands in on a Sunday evening slot where the start and finish times are brought forward so the gigs SHOULD end at around 10.30, allowing people plenty of time to get home and up for work the next morning.

The first few of these have been booked and I am not proposing to book any more until the initial two or three have gone through and we will see how we got on with them.

The PLAN is, at these Sunday shows (although I MIGHT extend this to some shows on other nights), to give all those attending a “Tropic” pin badge, and then to use those badges to offer a discount at ORIGINAL/SMALLER TURNOUT band gigs of £5 on them handing over the badge.

This means that we could be potentially drawing those that only go to see main tribute bands in to see original/other bands AND reward those that drag themselves out on a Sunday night to a gig, as such it is felt that this is a “win win” situation.

It also means we are rewarding our most loyal customers AND it means we are hopefully going to get bigger crowds in to see original and other bands, and thus grow our audience there as well, AND attract customers in to see the original bands those folk that are “Tribute Only” so, potentially, would not have come anyway.

I plan to offer “Badge IN Promotion Gigs” at fairly short notice where I see a gig not booking THAT well, where that decision, I am afraid, you will have to leave in my hands.

I only offer door deals at Ruislip so it does mean that POTENTIALLY there could be some people in at “your” gig who have not paid the full price, and in this case your split will actually be based on the sum of cash in the tin, NOT bodies actually in the room. I will, of course, make this known to you on payment should your gig have been chosen.

As with all promotions very few people will actually take it up, and like I said those that do are those that, potentially, would not have come anyway.

If you have any comments
I would be pleased to hear them, but assuming it all sounds OK then there is no need to respond.

Please note I am not proposing an "opt out" option to bands (impossible to manage), the only other option is that you opt not to return, which is not really the result I want going forward!


Finally a note re 2015 bookings:-

2014 is now fully booked more or less and I will be working on 2015 after Xmas at some point, where, in 2015, I am proposing that the first Friday in every month will be original bands (forming a “First Friday Club” (FFC))” and the rest mainly tribute acts, although I may add more original in there as well as dates allow.


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