If you are a member (or representative) of a band looking for a gig please read the page below

FIRST AND FOREMOST if you are a gigging band playing routine covers round pubs where they pay you, and admission to the bar is free, then we are probably not for you - sorry.

Whilst we have a core of bands who play for us each year we are always interested in trying new bands and new ideas.

Before we take anything any further please read the following - it might help you know where we all stand and save us lots of time!!

Friday nights are our CORE music nights, our obligation as promoters is to pack the bar, as with no bar we have no venue! So we put on bands we think will (should) draw a PAYING audience of 150+ (the room limit is 300)

The general admission charge is 10/12 pre-book, and generally not more than 15/17. There is no in house PA we either hire in as required, or bands bring their own.

If you (your band) want to play for us you need to either be established on the tribute circuit or a well known original band. If you are "up and coming"  or a new tribute act or playing up and down in pubs for free entry then there is no point in us discussing Fridays with you......BUT now and again we do put on a support act.

To "qualify" as a support act you need to play your own material, be willing to play for less than one hour and NOT be paid! Some support bands have gone on to have gigs with us in their own right. It does put you in front of a reasonable audience. We do not look at grunge, hip-hop, ska etc. but as a blues/rock type club will consider this type of band or something a bit different, a solo singer songwriter, violin quartet...whatever.

For us to look at you we need to see a web site and some demos. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE LOOK AT MYSPACE SITES as it is rubbish, so do not even bother sending links to it in.

Saturday gigs really need to be different to a Friday to attract a different audience.

As a rule we do NOT book "jobbing" covers bands. Bands wishing to play on a Saturday MUST have their own PA or be willing, themselves, to make a contribution towards the hire of one. Payment on these nights is a moveable feast and for discussion. 

GENERALLY Saturdays are NOT as busy as Fridays.

So there we are.

In a nutshell.

Established tributes or bigger bands talk to us about a gig on a Friday or even Saturday night.

or Saturdays something a bit different

Just let us know where you think you will fit and we will have a look at what you are offering.

If you think in reading the above then your band is not for us then I thank you for your time and wish you all the best going forward.

If you want to send a demo just e-mail me and I will let you have an address and I would repeat we do NOT listen to anything on MYSPACE.

Finally, if you asked today for a gig, and we agreed it was a good idea, generally, the wait for a slot is about 15 months (correct 2019).

Cheers and thanks for your interest.


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