The customer is always right

But could the customer (you) please do things slightly differently next time, don't worry, I have sorted it all out this time but next time......please!

Below are some common "mistakes" customers make, I may well have given you a number to refer to please.


Changing or checking a booking by just sending in an e-mail.

I actually live a long way from Ruislip and spend a fair amount of time travelling and away from the office and my main PC. When I am out and about I can get bookings made off the web site to my mobile phone, but not necessarily e-mails. It follows that to make a booking or change a booking if you want me to see it (!) then you have to use the little forms on the web site, and these also generate the correct responses back to you. Also the weekly circular e-mails I send out are sent from e-mail addresses where I do not always see any answers (boring reasons why) and should not be answered.

To make a booking it is a case of clicking on the picture of a ticket

To CHANGE/CANCEL a booking OR CHECK I HAVE IT just click on Alter Ticket and complete the information in the box that I need to see. e.g. "I booked # tickets for X gig, can you confirm you have it"


TO BOOK OFF A PHONE why not get the "Mini App" I have written - see this page


Booking late (after 6 p.m.)

I print the booking list just after 6 pm and that is it then completed. If you book after 6 pm chances are I will not see it and I cannot add it to the list, so bookings have to close off at 6 pm ON THE DOT. There is more at this page saying why late bookings are a bit of a problem.



Booking again to add tickets.

You would be amazed how many people book twice, or even three+ times, for a gig, sometimes twice in a week, sometimes weeks or even months apart. I have no way of knowing if this is actually to ADD MORE TICKETS or just an error, so I assume it is a double booking as it is 99.9% of the time.

If you have booked for (say) two tickets and then you decide you need two MORE (say) you should go to the "Alter Ticket" link at the head of each page and CHANGE your existing booking saying something like "Booked for 2 now need 4" and then it does not just look like a double entry.




Philip (Tropic At Ruislip)

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