How, in reality, I deal with shows that are SOLD OUT


There is no set single system in place for dealing with a show that is sold out, there are several!!

Once a show is "SOLD OUT" then it will be marked as such on the web site. However, SOMETIMES existing customers (those on my mailing list) may be offered extra tickets from time to time in lieu of returns. These would be offered in the general weekly e-mail.

In practice if you see a show is SOLD OUT and you want a ticket book anyway USING THE SHORT FORM FROM THE SECRET LINK. You will probably get an e-mail back saying "This show is sold out and there is no waiting list" and to be honest there is no "official" waiting list but I do keep a list of people who have tried to book and in the event of any cancellations they may be offered returns by e-mail.

The order that I elect who to offer them to is as follows


HIGHEST is people who have already booked and are looking to add extra persons on to their booking.

NEXT on the list is those that have been to the most shows over the years (hence the need to use the short form)

NEXT is people who have never booked before.

LOWEST on the list is people who have in the past booked for a show and then not turned up and failed to cancel.

If I get no takers then they go on general sale off the web site.


So if a show is sold out BOOK ANYWAY.


NOTE: If you try and book 10 tickets say, get refused and they become available, if you do not get back straight away then those 10 could have gone getting OFFERED them is no guarantee I actually have them by the time you get back to me!!

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