Tropic At Ruislip and
BT Internet styled e-mail addresses.

We are having problems getting mail through to BT Internet e-mail addresses (and others similarly styled).

The problems seems to be with the hosting company mail server having too many e-mails going through it and the delay results in them coming back.

It is not known if this problem is ongoing or if, in time, it will just "go away".

People who are on our mailing list have had their e-mail addresses moved to a different mail server to get around the problem but this is NOT possible with the booking forms.

It follows that people booking on the web site forms and using a BT styled e-mail address may NOT get their bookings acknowledged. You are therefore asked, if you can, to use a different e-mail address.

If you know a gig is going to be popular and want to make 100% sure you will get on the booking list you can always call 01297 647455 BUT when a gig goes to sold out the web site is always marked as such.

Your booking will still get through to us, it is only your acknowledgement back to you that might not reach you.


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