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Coming to Ruislip Los Pacaminos (with Paul Young) and the a load of fun with Stanley Dee
Dear Live Music Fan






LOS PACAMINOS (Featuring Paul Young)


Los Pacaminos are a band you can absolutely count on for a great night out!


While the name may mean little to music lovers, at least one member of this highly respected group will be very familiar. The Tex-Mex outfit is led by one of the UK’s finest and best loved vocalists - Paul Young.


Paul is not the only luminary in the seven piece band, however. Some of the best musicians in the business have teamed up to present the incendiary mix of Tex-Mex classics, Spanish songs and original material that make up the music of Los Pacaminos.


Los Pacaminos first came together in 1995, the result of Paul’s desire to get back to basics. As he explains “I was between record labels and writing material for a new album but I wanted to play live again. I’ve always loved the Tex-Mex sound and knew a few musicians who had a similar passion for this type of music. So I asked them to join me in forming a band.


It started out just for fun, playing simply for the pleasure of it, and it just took off from there. What’s really nice is that everyone else in the band can sing too, and they do, all in their own very different styles. It’s real bar room stuff, foot stompers, not too many slow songs – a real party atmosphere!”


As for the name… “Los Pacaminos? It means nothing! It’s a nonsense phrase we chose, which is close to the term “Pack’em in” meaning the audience. Apparently it is also similar to an Argentine name for street boys which is OK too!”


Tex-Mex music is somewhere between the Mariachi and Norteno styles of Mexico and the country/blues sounds of South-Western America. The band empathises with Ry Cooder, Flaco Jiminez, The Texas Tornadoes, Los Lobos and Sir Douglas Quintet. (Their set includes songs like “Wooly Bully” the national anthem “La Bamba” and sometimes, if enough tequila is flowing, even “Speedy Gonzales”…)


The band comprise some of the best known names in the business. From a variety of backgrounds they’ve covered all kinds of music but are all in accord on one - the sound that’s brought them together as Los Pacaminos.


The line-up is as follows:


Drew Barfield: Guitar / Vocals. From A&M signings The Keys and The Big Heat, his song-writing credits include Go West, Joe Jackson, Paul Young and Level 42.


Melvyn Duffy: Pedal steel. Probably the finest young pedal steel guitar player in Britain, his credits include Jimmy Nail, Leo Sayer, and Deana Carter while his most recent tour was with Robbie Williams.


Steve Greetham: Bass / Vocals. Has worked with Joan Armatrading, Paul Young, Julia Fordham and Chris De Burgh.


Jamie Moses: Guitar / Vocals. An accomplished session player, he’s worked with The Pretenders, Mike And The Mechanics, Chaka Khan, Gary Barlow, Mica Paris, Queen, Tony Hadley, Pete Townsend, Karl Wallinger, Paul Rodgers, Curtis Stiegers and Dave Stewart…to name but a few.


Mark Pinder: Drums. Several renowned cult acts claimed Mark’s services including the Vampire Bats From Lewisham and Zaine Griff before he headed off to join Paul Young and Alison Moyet.


Paul Young: Guitar / Vocals. Needs little introduction…from his days with Q –Tips to his number one solo hits “Wherever I Lay My Hat” and “Come Back And Stay”, as well as “Every Time You Go Away”, his hit albums and his collaboration with top Italian star Zucchero, Paul has always been loved for his unique vocal style and great personality.




This night is looking busy but almost certainly will NOT sell out. It is always a lot of fun and nobody takes it too seriously, but there is a heck of a lot of talent on the stage!


It will certainly be some time before they are able to return so do not miss them, book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm .








I have to confess I really enjoy doing this gig, we always get a crowd in that knows how to have a good time, and a band that also does just that. When the full compliment are on stage there are 10 of them, and trust me it is a squeeze to get them all up there but it can be done!


Stanley Dee came together in 2010 as the result of a few friends having the mad ambition of playing some of the most technically demanding yet musically rewarding material in the world of music.


There are many ways to approach the music of Steely Dan. Music which means so much to those of us who appreciate a tightly crafted groove, a memorable tune, an intriguing chord progression and often a twisted story line. Bearing in mind the sheer quality of the musicians who played on the original recordings, the scope of the task can seem daunting. For that reason, you might reasonably expect a Steely Dan tribute band to have a somewhat serious manner…..


But not Stanley Dee! We love the music of Becker and Fagen, and it makes us happy. Audiences can tell from the way some of us bounce around on stage, and the way we all have large smiles plastered on our faces most of the time. This music is FUN!


Which is not to say that we treat the music lightly. This stuff is hard to do well, and we pride ourselves on recreating the authentic sounds, down to the details of the amazing solos and the intricate vocal harmonies. We’re all huge fans of the music itself, and we know what our audiences want to hear. We’ve been at this since 2009, and have racked up loads of gigs, starting in our home area of South Herts, but also (increasingly) going much further afield. If you’ve seen us, you’ll know what we’re about, and if you haven’t… it’s about time you checked us out.


Authentic sounds played with skill and enthusiasm. If you like Steely Dan, you will love Stanley Dee!


If you have never seen this band they you really should, even if you do not know the music of Steely Dan, and you will know a few when you hear them that is a promise,   you will be up dancing to it. It is just fun from start to finish.


Book now at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/ebook/index.htm







I am delighted to announce that Straighten Out, our tribute to The Stranglers, are to return on 10th May 2019, yes that is 2019. I did offer them some earlier dates but that, it seems, is what suited them.




I have discovered that for the last few weeks the bookings that have been coming in on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday morning and that I have to acknowledge off my phone have to all intents and purposes from my end looked like they have been getting sent but have not been arriving at the addressee, meaning if you booked you may not have had it acknowledged.


The good news is that I HAVE been getting your bookings OK, so that side of it is fine, but if you are concerned at all at not getting an acknowledgement please fill out the "Alter Ticket" form at http://www.tropicatruislip.co.uk/changeabooking/index.htm and say what gig you have not had acknowledged and I will be pleased to re-send it.


Like I said I HAVE been getting the bookings OK, it is only the acknowledgements that have not been getting through. I think I have now fixed it.


(In a nutshell an automatic update to an app totally unrelated to my e-mail app screwed it - and solving the issue took some finding I can tell you - thank you Samsung for this bloatware that I cannot uninstall….)




When you come through the door and see Ian (usually) on entry you do not need to show him the proof of your booking there and then, we only really need to see this if your name is not on the list for some reason, so please do not go to all the trouble to get it ready for him to see….unless remembering your name is getting to be a bit of a struggle.






So, a different show with THREE sets and three total costume changes and a performance that really did span the whole career of the Fab Four from start to finish (and back to the start again!, You had to be there). I think I can safely say most of the audience were up dancing and singing along.


There is no date in the diary for them to return but I suspect they will be back in 18 months or so.


I think that is all and I hope you can come down to either (or both) of the next two gigs as a great fun time is guaranteed.



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