Yes Please recreate the excitement of a 1970s Yes Concert with classic sounds, full harmonies and an earthy, energetic performance.

From ‘Yours Is No Disgrace’, ‘Starship Trooper’, to the epic ‘Close To The Edge’, 'Gates Of Delirium', and the band’s biggest hits ‘Roundabout’, ‘Wonderous Stories’ and ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’, Yes Please painstakingly recreate the exhilarating, intricate, innovative and intense music of their heroes.

Tom Edmunds – Vocals
Rick Moller – Keyboards
Mike Smith – Guitar
Nick Letellier – Bass
Peter Oddey – Drums



“What a great gig this was! As a seasoned musician myself (58 & counting!) I was absolutely astonished at the accuracy of the arrangements & was instantly transported back to the very first live gig I ever went to, which was ‘Yes’ at the Rainbow Theatre in 1973! The tracks you chose were all spot on & totally evocative of my teenage years." - RC


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