Formerly known as Wingspan, the name was changed to protect the guilty! However, the line up remains virtually the same -

Multi-instrumentalist Johnny Heywood is reckoned to be one of the most versatile exponents of McCartney's voice, musician-ship and character. Recreating some of McCartney’s rockiest moments from the 70’s to the ballads from all eras, sometimes hurting himself in the process.

Drummer Lee Herbert has been a professional drummer for 20 years which is more than long enough. He can sing too and play bass but he doesn't get any more money for being a smart-arse. Lee will be making his second appearance in Liverpool seeing as how the police never caught up with him the first time round.

Gary Davies is the latest addition to the band. Wingspan's very own Jimmy McCullough sings and plays guitar/bass/keys and even the drum on Let 'Em In. Our new boy has been playing in bands for years and will add a certain cool, calm, static stage persona to Wingsbanned especially as he seldom moves anything other than his fingers.

Bob Adams is a man of many instruments. On keyboards he becomes a one man orchestra making it possible to play songs like Live & Let Die and My Love, provides backing vocals, doubles on bass and would probably play lead guitar too if he wasn't stopped. So far he has resisted a blonde wig and a dress to recreate Linda’s role in the band, preferring the more male approach of current Macca band member, Wix. Still, we can only hope…..

Finally, Ian Herbert is back in Liverpool with the band for the second year but this time he is on stage as last year he was merely a roadie. Great skill in the bass and guitar plus a sweet voice led to this promotion and the willingness to work for very little money probably sealed the deal.


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