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The Glitter Band were the musicians who backed Gary Glitter on his hit records under the direction of the late great Mike Leander, and then went on to have a string of international Top 10 hits in their own right, including Angel Face, Goodbye My Love and Let's Get Together Again.

After many years living under the cloud of Gary Glitter's spectacular fall from grace, The Glitter Band are striking out and taking back the songs they performed on and that were the soundtrack to an entire generation.

Those songs will NOT be allowed to disappear into the mists of time because of the actions of one selfish individual.



The Band

JOHN SPRINGATE - Lead vocals & bass guitar

The Glitter Band are delighted to announce that John Springate, the voice on the Glitter Band hit recordings has returned to the band. John was a permanent fixture in The Glitter Band until his departure in the late 80s. Since then John has carved himself a successful career as a writer and producer, notably co-writing "Don't Play That Song Again", the UK Eurovision entry in 2000, with Gerry Shephard, his former colleague in The Glitter Band, who sadly passed away in 2003. John's return is thrilling news for Glitter Band fans and fans of 70s music alike.

PETE PHIPPS - Drums & vocals

Pete was original and founder member of the Glitter Band, playing on all of 'The Leaders' hits and legendary concert appearances. Pete has also performed as a member of XTC and The Eurythmics. Pete’s powerhouse drumming is still heard today in sports arenas all over the world where the “Glitter” sound is still used to entertain huge crowds, particularly between the plays in the NHL.

EDDY SPENCE - Keyboards & vocals

Technically Eddy Spence is the second longest serving member of The Glitter Band. Having worked with The Leader in the 70s Eddy went on to tour with Pete, Gerry, and John right through until 1987. Having worked with an incredible array of artistes including Gordon Giltrap, Eddy has returned to the band in 2008 where his amazing keyboard skills take a starring role in The Glitter Band of today.

MARC PEARSON – Rhythm guitar & vocals

Marc originally joined The Glitter Band in 2006 as Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist. Marc was brought up as a glitter fan thanks to his incredibly cool Mother. Marc also performs with Pete in BC Sweet as well as playing for Gary Numan tribute band Young Things Don’t Scream. Marc also runs his own touring Burlesque Show as well as managing the day to day affairs of The Glitter Band.


The latest and youngest Glitter Band recruit, Ant has joined the band to complete the new line-up, playing sidekick to the man himself, Pete Phipps. The 2 kit set up was always a vital component of both the original Glitter Band sound and the stage show, and we're delighted to be bringing Ant's energy and enthusiasm to the live show circa 2010.

DOMINIC RODGERS - Lead Guitar & vocals

Dominic Rogers on Lead Guitar/Star Guitar quite possibly has the toughest job in The Glitter Band, filling the shoes of the late great Gerry Shephard. Dom has studied Gerry’s legendary sound and style and is essential to the authentic sound of The Glitter Band of 2010. Dom and Pete are currently writing new material together for The Glitter Band. Incidentally, the fist single Dom bought as a kid was Angel Face by The Glitter Band.


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