So why are we called sCOPYons? Hopefully the capital letters method of
spelling the name will explain the name is just simply we are a COPY of the
Scorpions ............Founder member Nige did have to explain this even to
certain intelligent friends and members of the band.

The embers of The Scopyons were formed in late 2011 when 5 North West based
musicians decided to get together a definitive UK based tribute to the great
German Rockers The Scorpions. The band spent 9 solid months rehearsing until
playing their first full shows in September 2012 and were quickly
acknowledged as the premier UK Scorpions tribute and were subsequently
offered the opportunity to go and play in Munich, Germany alongside
Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs at the 5th Anniversary of his MJ Guitars
Store in march 2013. Things have gone from strength to strength from there
on in with bigger and better gig offers and over 10,500 Facebook likes

Scopyons have a leaning toward the post Matthias jabs era (1978 Lovedrive up
to the present day) but have added classic Uli Jon Roth era songs like We'll
burn The Sky, In Trance & Pictured Life to the set. We really could not have
chosen a more perfect time to unleash the UKs first full 5 piece definitive
Scorpions tribute band.


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