Pink Fairies.



If the first year zero for the Pink Fairies might be considered to have been in 1969 in Vancouver when The Deviants sacked their founder Mick Farren, and the remaining trio of Paul, Russell & Sandy (plus Boss) continued playing without him, while he returned to London to drunken pranks with the so called Pink Fairies Rock n Roll Band and Motorcycle Club, soon to mutate into The Pink Fairies upon the return of the trio of ex-Deviants, then the most recent year zero has to have begun on July 27th 2013 when the self same Mick Farren shuffled off his stool and out of this world in front of a packed Borderline club with a reformed Deviants, who had been playing together for a couple of years since Mick and Andy's return from Los Angeles.......

.....And so it was that on a memorable night in London City in May of 2014, The PINK FAIRIES once again mounted the stage - this time at 100 Club in Oxford Street to a packed house. The mooted appearance of Paul Rudolph didn't take place for logistical reasons, but anyone who was disappointed at first was surely converted by the end of a mighty set that saw Russell take lead vocals on some numbers, Sandy on a few, and both Andy and Jaki on others...The set comprised many old favourites from all stages of the band's career, from the early band's take on Tomorrow Never Knows to the late 80s Waiting For The Ice Cream To Melt (a Farren song for the Fairies), and even a new number Skeleton Army. Even ex-Fairy Larry Wallis's Police Car was given an airing - truly a musical history lesson with a huge punch. And God was it hot in there!

Far from being a one-off (actually they had already done a warm up gig in Bilston's Robin 2 venue) the 100 Club gig has signalled the start of a new phase in the long history of the Pink Fairies and you will see as you navigate around this site there are gigs a plenty looming, with quite a few already under their belts (including the Hop Festival where Sandy's son Billy took George's place due to prior commitments by the great Mr. Butler). Who would have imagined, back in 1969, that the energy, commitment and audience would still be there all these years later? But it is true - they are back and in the Pink! While the emphasis is on the older material (as Sandy said to me - that's what the fans want really) who knows what the future may bring - I for one thank goodness that the decision to continue was made, and the world is surely a better place with the Pink Fairies out there doing what they do best. It's rock n roll - and the message is keep doing it!

So to Andy on guitar, Sandy on bass, Russell and George on drums and Jaki on percussion and keyboards, thanks for keeping the spirit alive and flying the flag - The PINK FAIRIES are well and truly back and the future looks bright once again!

Above words copyright Tim Rundell



It should be noted that the band failed to turn up for this gig!


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