In the heart of the notorious London rock n roll scene exists a whirlwind duo of female energy and ecstasy, recognised as the Queens of Blues Rock...

Their live performance is to be held in awe, purely in anticipation of the live operatic architecture they consistently unfurl upon their willing audiences.

Having invaded venues ranging from The Royal Albert Hall (on multiple occasions), playing alongside Elton John, The British Rock Symphony Orchestra and Blues festivals, Wembley Arena supporting The Who, The Viper Room in LA and Euro-fests galore – to intimate spaces like The Green Note in Camden, Never The Bride have amazed and floored audiences and peer groups alike over their 25 years of service – these ladies are true rock and roll royalty.

Roger Daltrey broadcast “Nikki Lamborn has the best female rock voice since Janis Joplin and I know what I’m talking about, I knew Janis”. The legendary Dame Shirley Bassey called the girls “inspirational”, they have performed private shows for Cher and Liza Minnelli and Bob Harris from BBC Radio 2 referred to them as “one of the best live bands in Britain”; the ladies’ roll-call list is simply mind blowing – as are the stories the ladies readily share.

Bristol born Nikki Lamborn carries the dynamo vocal lead, while Glaswegian, Catherine ‘Been’ Feeney asserts the ‘sonic art’ with keys and vocals. Their raw, unfettered talent is undeniable and is enough to justify the impression the girls have left on audiences throughout Never The Bride’s 25 years of global domination.

Nikki also holds a successful reputation as a vocal coach; described as “the best I have ever known” by Beverley Knight and has appeared on TV as a vocal coach on BBC’s “Just The Two Of Us” and Channel 4’s “Faking It” series.

Capturing the electric and unquestionable live energy, Never The Bride’s presence has also been noted as one of LA’s famous Viper Room’s top favourite moments of the past 21 years. Sunset and Clark magazine Their legendary career merely represents their journey so far – and remains a testament for what dangerously is yet to come.


Reviews from their September gig at Tropic'

I was a Never The Bride "virgin" until last Friday. What an incredible band. They put their whole being into their performances.

I purchased their DVD on the way out and played it the following day. What a great souvenir to add to my ever growing collection of top live music DVD's.

Thanks again for another awesome evening of entertainment with Never The Bride last Friday. The Tropic has certainly raised the bar with Larry Miller last week and Never The Bride this week, the gigs just get better.~

I wonder why I had never heard of the band until recently, but am pleased that I have finally lost my Never The Bride virginity. They say you never forget your first time, and I don't think I will :-0

I took a few photos again, and have made them available online here

Keep up the great work.

Thought the band were excellent, first time seeing them and certainly lived up to my expectations would see them again (Never The Bride)

Newspaper reviews

Sunday Express, July 17th 2005 March 2005.

Never the Bride, Metro club, London, June 28th 2005

When Roger Daltrey describes you as “the best female rock voice since Janis Joplin,” you would be forgiven for receiving an ego boost. Not so Nikki Lamborn, frontwoman of Never the Bride. She takes the compliment in her stride. With her Glaswegian friend Catherine Feeney, Nikki takes the lead in a frontline of formidable blondes.

The skilled musicians behind them all have a chance to showcase their talent but it is Nikki who is making sure that they should not be a hidden gem for much longer. From the start of this intimate London gig, Lamborn acts as if she is taking the stage at Live 8. “Here’s a song about lust,” she roars, the words “Bad Girl” emblazoned across her chest. Winding her body round every word, she leaps between Janis Joplin and Axl Rose. Everywhere, an emotional maelstrom of a song, starts off like Kate Bush before building into a huge number. Surprise, the title track of their latest album, which is released tomorrow, could have been written for Rod Stewart in his Seventies pomp, and Lamborn is right when she says she is a “heavy metal Shirley Bassey”, as one radio station recently described her. To prove the point, the band launch into their Bond theme-esque The Living Tree, which they actually delivered to Bassey with a note saying: “Please record it.”

It shifts through Led Zeppelin’s more folky moments and John Barry strings. If Never the Bride remain in the shadows, they will rock 10 times harder there than those in the spotlight.

BBC Review from The Stables, Milton Keynes March 09

A joyous return to the Stables for The Bride along with Bride Virgins and no one who disappointed. The First set friendly, unplugged and a guide to the great song writing skills of Feeney / Lamborn delivered honestly with the devilish humour that sets them apart from just being another act. It’s an initiation and conversion ceremony all in one if you have never seen them and homage to the fans that travelled to the revered venue. Act one drawing you into the love factor in song and musicianship.

So they changed their clothes a little bit and went straight into the unleashed songs from Vancouver 97 live electric and loud……. how could anyone lock these gems away for so many years? Only the beast of the business! However, Feeney and Lamborn will conquer all that has evaded their success, why? Because every breath taken expels a note of hope, truth and vocal dexterity, dressed for the wedding… yet this band you cannot harness or tame. Never the Bride Rock, Roll and thoroughly entertain… you should have been there!


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