Formed in 2010, Never 42 have established themselves as the ultimate tribute to Level 42.

Get ready for a high impact night of funk driven tunes bringing you all the hits of Level 42, such as ‘Lessons in Love’, ‘Something About You’ and ‘The Sun Goes Down (Livin it up)’

Never 42 faithfully recreate the amazing sound and atmosphere of Level 42.

Testimonial – Never 42 @ The Churchill Theatre, Bromley

I went to see these guys in the summer of July 2016. Level 42 have always been one of my favourite 80’s bands and i have never got to see them live before or knew if they were still touring or not, so when i saw an advert that Never 42 – a tribute to Level 42 were coming to my local theatre, I was interested to see what they were like.

With Never 42 being a tribute band and also the first and ONLY tribute band to Level 42, I was a little sceptical to how they would sound but any doubts quickly vanished as their sound and likeness was spot on.

All of the band are excellent musicians and lead singer Howie Rogers is an extremely talented bass player that matches Mark King’s sound and technique and he even has the lights along his guitar that light up too.

I enjoyed the whole concert throughout and Never 42 both sound and look like Level 42. They played a good selection of songs and my favourites were: Lessons In Love, Love Games and instrumental Heathrow, which showed off Howie’s great bass guitar licks and playing skills.

I highly recommend going to see Never 42 as they put on a good show, are good people and show a high standard which will not disappoint you or the fans!

Andrew Lone

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