Drummer Steve Kilroy, a Boston native, met bassist/studio engineer Dave Eve in London while recording an album with 'Gods Little Joke' for Revolver Records UK. After the release of the record, ('A Moment of Clarity') Dave toured the States and the UK with the band. While on tour, they opened for 'Australian Nirvana' and soon after, Steve received a call from the singer and started touring with the group. Shortly after that, Dave jumped in.

Both had been a part of 'Australian Nirvana' for the better part of the last 5 years, touring more than 7 European countries constantly before setting out on their own to find a new singer. This was a tough decision though as the success of 'Australian Nirvana' was substantial and they both knew that building on that success would require finding the ultimate Kurt, so to speak. That being the case, we knew we needed the best the world had to offer, and our patience paid off. '
Nervana have been pulling in the crowds both in the US and Europe and the response has been wicked!! So far we've hit 8 countries and will be visiting many more soon! Touring is what the boys in Nervana live for, so expect to see them soon! In addition, the band will be adding much anticipated new songs to the set like Scentless Apprentice, RFUS, Serve the Servants, Very Ape and more!

It took nearly two years to find Nervana's new front-man 'Jonny O'Connor' in countless youtube searches, wading through the seemingly endless sea of disappointing Kurt wannabes. Both Dave and Steve, having put together a killer Tool tribute, (The Perfect Tool) were determined to find a singer that had it all. Some had the look but sounded nothing like Kurt and vice-verse. We also knew the guy would have to be young. Nirvana is about youth and angst and we wanted to give the fans what they really want to see and hear when they come to see a Nirvana tribute.

Jonny had been perfecting his technique and had been searching for the right rhythm section in his hometown of Waterford, Ireland with little luck and had just about given up hope when drummer Steve Kilroy contacted him and in a matter of two weeks, flew to the states to rehearse, record and do a tour in the US. It was obvious after the first rehearsal that it was going to be better than expected and when they hit the stage, it was if they had been playing together for years not days!



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