“Good Evening……. We Are Motorkill…And we play Rock ‘n’ Roll !!! “

Hailing from the mid-west of England, with Seven years’ worth of gigs under their belt, Motorkill are without doubt the finest tribute to Motorhead you could ever wish to see in the UK (and beyond)!

Motorkill pride themselves on being sound-alike and look-alike with all the power of a true Motorhead show in tow. Their four man line-up of the early ‘90s Motorhead faithfully reproduces current material on a live stage with a twin guitar attack providing the full sound necessary for more recent recordings.


With an arsenal of classics such as Overkill, Bomber, Motorhead, Iron Fist, We Are The Road Crew, Killed by Death, and of course the seminal Ace of Spades, Motorkill will also surprise you with newer tracks such as You Better Run (Blues), In the Name of Tragedy (Metal) and some good old-time Rock and Roll with Please Don’t Touch and Going To Brazil. If you are new to Motorhead, expect to be entertained; expect it to be Fast, Loud, and Dirty; expect Rock ‘n’ Roll the way it should be played, and possibly you may become the latest Motorheadbanger!

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