Welcome to The Marrakesh Express, the UK's leading tribute to the music of The Byrds, and Crosby Stills and Nash.

John Butler, Rick Wilson, and Adam Ellis deliver a note perfect performance of some of the finest harmony singing in all music. From the early Byrds classics such as Mr Tambourine Man, Turn Turn Turn and 8 Miles High, to the later CSNY songs such as Guinevere, Our House, Ohio and more, the band take the audience back to a time of protest, revolution, dropping out, and making great music.


The Byrds for me are more important than the Beatles, and David Crosby is the last word in rhythm guitar playing. John Butler (Diesel Park West, Marrakesh Express)

With that comment, John Butler puts David Crosby in his rightful place in the history of music. With his compadres Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, David Crosby created some of the most wonderful harmony lines music has ever seen.

In Marrakesh Express, these are faithfully recreated by the voices of John Butler, Rick Wilson, and Adam Ellis. The show takes in the full range of CSN's career together, both with and without Neil Young, as well as songs from their other bands, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and The Hollies.

This show takes you back to a time when music was everything, when it was all about tuning in, turning off, freaking out, and making a stand. With songs like "Ohio", "Guinevere", "Our House", "Helplessly Hoping" and more, this is music at its very best.

If there are any better bands than this in Britain today Id like to hear them. The Evening Standard.

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