Manoeuvres - Tribute to OMD


About our OMD tribute show

Many months have been spent meticulously crafting the music in our own studio along with countless hours rehearsal time to ensure that each show accurately recreates the feel of an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark show. Quality instrumentation and amplification are used and are key elements in reproducing the sound we strive to achieve. Outfits carefully pieced together by Sarah and a complimentary stage set complete the package in order to give you a memorable and exciting OMD experience! We will be posting regular updates and details on our social media pages and blog!

ALL tracks are made and played by us – we NEVER sample!


BARRY: Lead Vocal, Bass Guitar & Synthesisers
Having been a bass player and vocalist in numerous other bands over the years, Barry is proud to now front Manoeuvres. His animated stage presence and unique vocal style are ideally suited to the task which he carries out with great energy and pride. He is also the person behind the scenes producing the sounds and music that are used on stage, resulting in many late nights/early mornings sat at the keyboard supported by copious cups of tea, coffee and peanuts!


SARAH: Synthesizers, Electronic Drums & Vocals

With years of experience performing in other tribute bands, Sarah is the ideal partner for Barry on stage playing the synthesisers and drums as well as providing backing and some lead vocals. Off stage, whens she’s not drawing (she is a children’s book illustrator) she is responsible for all of the design work, social media, web design/content, promotional material and moral support. Along with this, her fashion sense is key in creating our look on stage because of course, Andy & Paul ARE fashion icons…


ARTHUR: Our very own Teac X-10 Auto-reel

How could we not pay homage to Winston! So yes we have our own tribute, He’s a little down that he’s not as iconic, nor that he’s no where near worth as much as Winston’s model, but he does the job for us!


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