Please note Ian Gibbons sadly died in 2019 and this band are no more.


FEELING KINKY? The Kast off Kinks features three former members of the legendary band The Kinks, back together playing great music and re-living the good times whilst keeping the songs alive that made The Kinks a household name. The current Line-up is:
Mick Avory (original drummer on all the classic Kinks hits from 1964-84) Ian Gibbons (keyboards/vocals, Kinks 80’s & 90’s and still with Ray Davies) John Dalton (bass/vocals, Kinks 60’s & 70’s) alongside Dave Clarke (guitar/vocals, formerly of the Beach Boys, Noel Redding & Tim Rose).

Expect an evening of iconic hits including You Really Got Me, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Sunny Afternoon, Lola, Days, Waterloo Sunset, Come Dancing, All Day and All of the Night plus more...

The Kinks are often cited as one of the most important and influential rock bands of all time. Their first hit, You Really Got Me, in 1964, broke new ground with driving power chords and Dave Davies’ distorted guitar sounds, and created a template for many bands to follow in a rock and roll development which led variously to heavy metal, new wave and grunge.

Later work saw the band’s style change to more melodic songs, highlighting Ray Davies’ lyrical and observational skills in songs like Sunny Afternoon, Dead End Street and Waterloo Sunset.

Although the band’s popularity in the UK waned in the 1970s, they found new commercial success, particularly in the USA, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and returned to the UK top 20 in 1983 with Come Dancing. The Kinks continued as a recording and gigging band until 1996, when the Davies brothers went their separate ways with solo careers.

Almost every other ex-Kink has guested with The Kast Off Kinks, including Ray Davies.

In the words of drummer in the band Mick Avory: "Before you ask, we’re not a tribute band and we’re back playing the early stuff now and again, rather than 300 nights a year, and all of us love it."

“A full house, and a standing ovation. To anyone wondering about going, do not hesitate”
(The Stables, Milton Keynes)

“Nothing short of superb. From start to finish it was filled with hit after hit”
 (Mad Ferret, Preston)

Kast Off Kinks is usually made up of long time Kinks members:
Mick Avory (1964-1987) on drums,
John Dalton on bass/vocals (Kinks - 60's & 70's line-up),
Ian Gibbons keyboards ,
David Clarke gtr/vox.

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