The Original Jukebox Heroes

The Original Jukebox Heroes were formed in 2005 and deliver a high octane show, with a set list boasting some of the 70s best glam-rock tracks.

This super-group is made up of Jeff Brown on vocals and bass guitar (ex-Sweet and Tremeloes), Steve Whalley on guitar (ex
- Slade front-man), Pete Phipps on drums (original drummer with The Glitter Band and Eurhythmics), Phil Hendriks (The Stiffs and Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers) and Philip Wright (original lead singer and drummer with Paper Lace) providing vocals and additional percussion, and new addition Dave Major (T.Rex) on Keyboards.

 Performing a cavalcade of hits from the 1970s Glam-Rock era, The Original Jukebox Heroes is more than a 70s “tribute” band. The band boasts a line-up which includes a couple of genuine legends of the era, alongside second-generation, long-serving members of some of the most revered Pop-Rock bands of the Seventies, performing the hits of the bands with which they have been associated.

Over the past couple of years, the “OJBH” have earned a reputation second to none for delivering the sounds of those unforgettable hits of Slade, Sweet, T. Rex, The Glitter Band, Bay City Rollers and Paper Lace with power, energy and authenticity. With 6 strong vocalists in the line-up, the group is also able to unleash a vocal harmony onslaught to be envied.

Get your air guitars at the ready and rock 'til you drop with this amazing live show!

Needless to say, each member of the ‘all-star’ line-up has served a long and varied musical apprenticeship, some of which is detailed in the biographies below:


JEFF BROWN (ex Sweet, Tremeloes) - Bass/ Vocals

Jeff Brown made his recording debut as a member of Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts in 1982. He had some underground success with ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ bands Wildfire and Statetrooper during the mid-80s before joining The Sweet (alongside original members Andy Scott and Mick Tucker) in 1987. He remained with Sweet for 16 years (initially as bassist but taking over as lead vocalist in 1998) and featured on the studio albums “A” (aka “The Answer” -1992) and “Sweetlife” (2002), as well as several live albums and re-recorded Sweet hits albums, including “Chronology”(2002).
Not only does Jeff’s voice bear an uncanny resemblance to original Sweet singer Brian Connolly, but his incredible vocal range allows him to hit notes almost beyond the range of human hearing! A long and varied career has seen Jeff playing with and for many different artists. Currently, he is a long-standing member of the Tremeloes.

PETE PHIPPS (Glitter Band) - Drums/Vocals.

Pete is the powerhouse behind the band – the world’s premier exponent of the thumping 70s tom-tom drumming style. Pete was the original drummer with The Glitter Band, who forged their own independent hit-making career during the mid-70s Glam-Rock era with their self-composed hits such as “Angel Face”, “Let’s Get Together Again”, “Goodbye My Love”, “The Tears I Cried” and “People Like You, People Like Me”. The Glitter Band even managed to score a US Dance hit with Pete’s instrumental composition “Makes You Blind”. From the late 1970s through the mid-80s, Pete continued to taste success with various name bands. He drummed on XTC’s albums “Mummer” (1983), “The Big Express” (1984) and toured with the Eurythmics to promote their 1983 landmark album “Touch”. Throughout his career, Pete has been an in-demand session drummer and has toured with many big name acts.




PHIL WRIGHT (Paper Lace) - Percussion/Drums/Vocals

Phil Wright is the original lead vocalist and drummer with Paper Lace and sang lead on all the band’s hits. His performance and recording experience gathered over a period of forty five years in the business make him a genuine hero of 70s music, with worldwide chart successes including “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” (a UK # 1), “The Night Chicago Died” (a USA # 1), “The Black-Eyed Boys”, “Hitchin' A Ride ‘75” and more “The Night Chicago Died” achieved No 1 position in the USA, became the largest selling single worldwide of 1974 and received an award for being the biggest selling single in the history of Polydor Canada (at that point) Phil’s vocal prowess and incredible range remains undiminished over the intervening years. With Original Jukebox Heroes he sings his own hits, whilst also providing extra percussion, drums and acoustic guitar, together with some high-pitched backing vocals.



STEVE WHALLEY (ex Slade) - Guitar/Vocals

An extremely well respected singer/songwriter and a deft exponent of slide guitar in his own right, Steve Whalley has had a long and varied career as a recording artist, songwriter and performer. During the late 70s and early 1980s, Steve was a member and chief songwriter of the BOSS BROTHERS, whose album "Stalling For Time" (1980 Mercury Records) contained the haunting ballad " (Closer To) The Candle", a single A-side for the band which was later covered by such diverse artists as Roger Whittaker, Gelraldine Branagan and former Smokie guitarist Alan Silson.
In the early 80s, Steve enjoyed a career as a solo artist and recorded the well-received album "Steve Warley" (1982) and a couple of singles for Jive Records, who decided in their wisdom that he would be a more marketable proposition if they changed the spelling of his surname.

After original Slade members Noddy Holder & Jim Lea retired from live performance in the early 90s, remaining Slade members Dave Hill & Don Powell recruited new members, including Steve (initially under the banner "SLADE II" , then shortened back to "Slade" in 2002). Whilst replacing Noddy Holder in his own band was never going to be an easy job, Steve made the gig his own and toured the world with SLADE from 1992-2005, during which time they recorded two albums- "Keep On Rocking" (1994) and "Cum On Let's Party" (2002).

PHIL HENDRIKS (Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers) - Guitar/Vocals

Phil Hendriks achieved some success in the early 80s as lead singer/songwriter/guitarist with his own power-pop band The Stiffs, who scored “Indie” hits including Phil’s composition “Inside Out” (EMI-1979) and, rather ironically, a frantic cover of The Glitter Band’s “Goodbye My Love" (Stiff Records- 1981). More recently, his love of 70s music has led to him recording with artists including Overend Watts (Mott The Hoople), Alan Merrill (The Arrows) and Graham Oliver (Saxon) and providing sleeve-notes for countless 70s reissue CDs. Between 2008 and 2011, Phil toured Europe as a member of Eric Faulkner’s Bay City Rollers. Since 2011 he has been a member of both Paper Lace and Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers.

DAVE MAJOR ("T-Rex - A Celebration Of Marc & Micky") - Keyboard/Vocals

Dave is most recent addition to the OJBH fold. A classically trained keyboard player with a wealth of live experience, whose playing credentials include working with Mickey Finn (T-Rex), John Parr, Les McKeown, Paper Lace and many others. Dave’s association with T-Rex dates back to 1997, when he took to the road with original T-Rex member Mickey Finn in “Mickey Finn’s T-Rex”. Following the untimely death of Finn in 2003, the band has continued under the mantle “T-Rex - A Celebration of Marc and Mickey”.



There you have it, a wealth of talent and a bunch of guys with an unquestionable pedigree!

The Original Jukebox Heroes

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