Ex Argent guitarist and vocalist with a great band playing Argent classics like 'Hold Your Head Up' and 'God Gave Rock 'n' Roll' plus JV blues originals and electrifying versions of blues and rock classics.

John Verity has had a varied and amazing career, supporting rock luminaries such as JIMI HENDRIX, JANIS JOPLIN, THE WHO, JOHN MAYALLS BLUESBREAKERS and MOUNTAIN and recording with RINGO STARR, KEITH EMERSON, GREG LAKE, TIM ROSE, ZOMBIES, COLIN BLUNSTONE, PHOENIX, CHARLIE and ARGENT to name but a few.John is also an established producer of numerous artists including Saxon, Charlie, Motorhead and Phoenix plus his own extensive album catalogue but a priority has always been live work. Johns extensive touring schedule has seen him scaling new heights with even more new venues and festivals.With his unmistakable and distinctive soulful blues edge to both singing and playing, John is pleasing old friends and winning over many new fans. A gig not to miss !!!!

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