Jet Harris (Plus Billie Davis)


During the year or 1958, Jet was introduced to a young Cliff Richard, and was duly invited to join Cliff's backing group 'The Drifters', but due to an injunction by the American group of the same name, they had to choose a different name.  History was made at the The Six Bells pub in Ruislip, when Jet, Hank Marvin and  Bruce Welch began discussing new names for the band.  It was Jet that came up with the name 'The Shadows'.  The first hit record that Jet played bass on was 'High Class Baby' which reached number seven in the charts in 1958.  'Apache' of course was the start of an era.  Jet played on many Shadows records 'Man of Mystery', The Stranger', 'Midnight', '36, 24, 36', 'The Savage', 'Guitar Tango' 'Nivram', 'Peace Pipe' and FBI to name but a few.  He also helped write a few of the hits. The last recording Jet did with 'The Shadows' was 'Wonderful Land' in 1962.  Jet left the band in the same year and had two hit singles in his own right 'Besame Mucho' and the main title theme from the film 'The Man With The Golden Arm'.................


Special Guest Billie Davies


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