Formed in 2008 and originally started as a 4 piece with live keyboards Hypermused found themselves as a three piece in 2009 and never looked back.

“The doubters said it couldn’t be done…they said it was too complicated to replicate their sounds….you’ll never pull it off…”

Well this is one of the most determined and professional bands on the circuit today.

Putting years of individual skill to good use, and using all the contacts that we have made over the years, we have achieved one of the best replicated sounds of any tribute
out there. We have even had insider help to steer us in the right direction…Don’t take our word for it….Come and see what Muse sounded like in small venue and experience  the unbelievable atmosphere that their music creates in a more intimate setting.

TM Nuneaton "Amazing band.... These guys are the nearest thing to the real deal.... if you haven't seen them, check them out !!!"

MJJ Birkenhead "You guys are awesome. Really enjoyed the set last night. Rock on!"

MH " Oh my how awesome were you guys thanks so much for a gr8 night and yes yes yes please come back an visit soon "

DJ Cardiff " I've gotta say i'm impressed. You are really good and your lead singer is fantastic :)"

DL Bury "Good gig last night, fellas - talented AND entertaining"

EJW Bournemouth " Good god you guys were awesome, thanks for bringing some proper music to Bournemouth :D"

LM “U guys rocked The Flowerpot in Derby last night. Impressive vocals and awesome music!!”

SP “You guys were immense last week! I got a guitar pic too at the end of it all - happy days. Great set!”

SH Nuneaton “You deserve to be completely sold out with a queue outside fighting to get in.”


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