Established in 1995 Higher-on-Maiden are the Original and Finest Tribute to Iron Maiden.

Over the years they have appeared in over 13 countries, the band members have actually played on stage with Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, Paul Dianno & Blaze Bayley, and now in 2019 are still going as strong as ever.

This is the bands story so far ....

HIGHER-ON-MAIDEN (formerly Hi-on Maiden) was born in September 1995, when three friends, ADRIAN SWIFT, QUICKO McBRAIN and Mr. Hayfield, in a band called "Who are the Saints?", started jamming Iron Maiden songs while in rehearsals. Adrian Swift had been playing Maiden songs on the guitar since a very early age, so he knew them like the back of his hand. After several similar rehearsals, they thought the Maiden songs were sounding pretty good, and seeing as there wasn't an Iron Maiden tribute band on the circuit, decided they should focus their attention on this.

Mr. Hayfield wasn't really into doing the Maiden tribute, so he left. Adrian and Quicko roped in their mate SIMON BRADLEY, to play the other guitar part and started advertising for a bass player. After auditioning a couple of bass players, SPEED HARRIS joined the band. The music was now sorted, all they needed was a singer. The position was filled by ELIAS ABBOUD, a student from Lebanon over here studying economics at Birmingham university. The line up was now complete. They played several gigs with this line up, until Elias had to return home to Lebanon early 1996. The band advertised for a new singer, and after several auditions, PHIL WOOLHAMS joined the band.

Shortly after Phil's arrival, Simon took a job Writing for "GUITARIST MAGAZINE" which meant him moving to Bath. Luckily, DAVE HURRY (Python), a friend of Mr.Hayfields, was on hand to fill his shoes.... Phil was only with the band for about 6 months, but during this time they established their name by playing lots of headline gigs including an outdoor festival. Building on their growing reputation, the band booked a headline U.K. tour for the tail end of '96. Phil had commitments with another band, Wormhole, so once again, they were forced to look for another singer…….. 

Adverts were placed in the national music press and more auditions took place (some of which were humorous to say the least!!!! One guy pulled his trousers down and run around the studio screaming 'Running Free' in a high pitched voice…….but that's another story!). Eventually, they came across JAMIE GIBSON. He had the right image and a decent voice. The U.K. tour was a HUGE success, including a gig at The Royal Standard in London where PAUL DI ANNO got up on stage to do a few songs with the lads!!!!

This line up remained stable well into '97 with the band doing loads more gigs around the country. Until the vocalist (again!), Jamie, decided he was going leave.

Then came a bizarre stroke of good fortune. BIG DICKINSON, from Newcastle, had seen the band's poster in Trillians and decided to contact them on the off chance that the band was looking for a singer or a drummer!!!!! Perfect timing!!!! He came and auditioned in that same week. The band were blown away. He was perfect! A fantastic voice, top bloke and a Maiden fan through and through.

In 1997, the band appeared on Live TV's show THE SHAM ROCK QUIZ and on the same day after recording, Speed and Big met BRUCE DICKINSON and ADRIAN SMITH for the first time. Bruce and Adrian listened to their demo tape that had been recorded a few weeks previously and couldn't believe just how much the band sounded like IRON MAIDEN. Bruce actually commented "You sound just like me!!!!" and "I always wondered what I sang on that bit!!!"

In 1999 the band were asked to go to London to record the music for an IRON MAIDEN tribute album.. The album featured famous singers such as PAUL DI ANNO (Maiden), STEVE OVERLAND (FM), DOOGIE WHITE (Rainbow) and GARY BARDEN (MSG) along with guitarists such as PAUL QUINN (Saxon). The album went on to sell over 50,000 copies in America alone and many more thousands world wide.

By far the bands biggest break came when they were contacted by IRON MAIDEN, and asked if they would perform at the official convention in the year 2000. Of course, the band jumped at the chance! It was indeed an honour. On the 17th of June 2000, the band took the stage at the London Astoria and wowed over 850 Maiden fans with a superb live show which included NICKO MCBRAIN guesting on the drums for GHOST OF THE NAVIGATOR !!!! Straight after the show, The Band were asked if they would go on tour with the IRON MAIDEN FAN CLUB in 2001, playing shows all across Europe. They didn't need to be asked twice.

Since then they have not looked back...... 




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