Gimme Abba - The Tribute to Abba

In 1974, ABBA were Sweden’s selection to compete in the Eurovision song contest with the song ‘Waterloo’. Since winning, ABBA had nine UK #1 hits and their songs have spent a collective 265 weeks in the charts. Their popularity has grown exponentially over the years and they are now the third biggest selling band of all time. In 2010 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Gimme ABBA have been performing this fabulous tribute to ABBA for over 16 years. The band have enjoyed shows and festivals worldwide with performances in France, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and nationwide in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Wight.
This complete and superb ABBA show comes with a repertoire that draws from the greatest hits of Sweden's most famous export. It is packed with all the popular songs everyone knows and loves, as well as some additional tunes to please the most ardent Abba fan. This show is sure to bring back the memories of that golden ABBA era.

The performance has developed over the years into more than just another ABBA tribute. The humour, energy and enjoyment generated on stage delights audiences and provides a light hearted side to the show, without compromising any of the wonderful ABBA music known and loved by millions.

To re-create the original ABBA party feel, Gimme ABBA utilise many costume changes, choreographed dance routines and four-part vocal harmonies. This really is the total ABBA experience, visually and sonically.

“Abba’s music has stood the test of time and is a testament to the exceptional song writing of Benny and Björn. For us being able to perform them for you is both a privilege and an honour, and one that we do not take lightly.” – Lawrence, Benny.

The show is suitable for all age groups.
“Sensational show! Packed with all the Abba songs known and loved by millions.”
“The humour, energy and enjoyment generated delights audiences nationwide!”


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