Georg Viktor Emmanuel


See the video above, it gets more and more amazing the longer it goes on, and at the end the staff arrive to say the police have been called, and he says he will just carry on until they get there!! Tour for 2012

Georg Viktor Emmanuels pulsating beatbox livelooping show is among the best of this genre.

He produces all the sounds, including drums, keyboards, trumpets, sound effects and orchestral guitar sounds with the help of his voice, while recording it gradually on a loop station in real – time. The recording is reproduced in an infinite loop. In order to influence the sound, the artist operates numerous effects with his feet, and in this way produces songs from another world. This kind of making music is creating an extraordinary tension among the audience.

GVE improvises a lot as well as he encloses the listeners into his show. His musical genre contains dub-, electro-, funk- and rock elements, which are melting into each other in an inimitable way. Click on the following link to watch a live-video:

Music and actionism as an inseparable unit Georg Viktor Emmanuel doesn’t acquit himself to conventional forms of musicbusiness. So the artist is planning a studio album not before 2013, because he first places emphasis on his extraordinary live track and further confronts people with his music, when they least expect it. At the beginning of his solo project, for example, he approaches totally unknown people in the video COMFORT ME and surprises them with a hug which caused grandiose reactions. For the music video DIG IT he organized a flash-mob in the city of Vienna, which led to an orgiastic ecstasy on the Stephansplatz. With his new livelooping performance he plays in the streets or from various hotel windows, as well as in other pulsating locations. See

On the LOOPING EARTH Tour we expect several extraordinary concert locations.

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