The Feelgood Band

The Feelgood Band, with a seal of approval from Wilko Johnson, Sparko and Figure!

High energy Rhythm & Blues played the Canvey Island way, recreating the unmistakable sounds of 1970's Dr Feelgood.


"They brought a tear to my eye; it was 1975. 100% spot on stage presence and performance. Man, it was great, it's just what it would have been like to see Dr.Feelgood in the club days"- WILKO JOHNSON

"The closest to the originals I have seen" - John Sparks aka SPARKO

Go and judge for yourself, it's worth it" John Martin aka BIG FIGURE


"Top job, takes me back". Malcolm Wilkinson - Wilko's brother

"Talk about attention to detail!" Will Birch - No Sleep 'til Canvey Island


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