As a singer and guitarist, Bob Drury is an established and well travelled entertainer with experience in a wide range of musical genres. Some years ago, whilst learning a handful of Neil Diamond songs for solo vocal/guitar performances, he discovered that his voice had virtually the same vocal range as Neil Diamond but it was an entertainment manager at a London venue who first told Bob that his voice actually sounded like the man himself!

Drawing on his extensive performance experience as vocalist, guitarist and band-leader, Bob set about the creation of a Neil Diamond tribute show that would present the very best of this legendary songwriters work. The original recordings of songs such as I Am I Said, America and Love On The Rocks feature a Neil Diamond vocal full of passion and power with that signature and distinctive rawness at the top end of his range. This could be Diamond at his best (guts, gravel and all!) but you then listen to the sensitive and beautifully delivered ballads such as Hello Again, Play Me and September Morn and realize that there is much more to the voice than this.

In his show ‘A Diamond Experience’ Bob strives to recreate the magic of a Neil Diamond performance and delivers a polished and tirelessly practiced interpretation of the voice and guitar combination that has captivated millions of fans over the last five decades.

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