Del Bromham

"In the late 60's the first wave of guitar idols were Page, Clapton and Beck. Bromham's past work should be reappraised as he clearly slipped through the net"


Del Bromham from West London is best known as founding member and guitarist with Stray. It wasn’t until 2004 that Del recorded his first solo album, ‘The Devil’s Highway’ which, unusually for Del, was a more blues-based album with a combination of old songs which he remembered from his childhood and some self-penned songs in the style of the old blues masters. This coincided with the time that Del was asked to accompany and tour with guitarist Leslie West on his “Blues To Die For” tour.

This was the first time that Del had played a completely solo acoustic set with no backing whatsoever and the audiences really enjoyed the solo set and so did Del. From this point Del decided to do more acoustic shows.




This solo offering from Del Bromham is the latest step in an attempt to bring one of the long lost UK rock/blues guitarists back to public recognition. Del formed Stray in 1969 and they never really split up and still exist, having toured with both Mountain and Iron Maiden last year. Bromham is currently out on tour with Leslie West and presumably airing this new material, and dates are being booked for his new band - The Devils - later in the year.

But back to Devils Highway: Nine homegrown numbers and two covers - Lonnie Johnson's Careless Love and Arthur Crudup's That's Alright Mama - recorded in a semi-electric, self-recorded way. And there's some good songs here, especially the opening title track and The Well's Run Dry. Bass, drums and piano all rattle away on the jaunty Ain't Love A Wonderful Thing, whilst House Of Love reminds me of the Spencer Davis Group. It's a mixed bag of styles with the bluesiest outings being on Train and the reprise of Devils Highway. Not a bad effort at all and I look forward to hearing these songs worked up to full band status when they tour in Scotland in November.

Chris Simmonds - Blues Matters - in a review of Devils Highway - May 2004


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