Rush fans at a Bravado show can expect to hear a 2 to 3 hour selection from the following ever-expanding list of tracks, (shown here with their amusing anagrams where available), largely taken from the classic Terry Brown period, performed in a man-for-man, WYSIWYG kind of way, without the use of additional musicians or click-tracks and sequencers.
"Not normally being one for tribute bands this was an exception as it was Pod from Psi Phi and "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Geddy Lee", along with Paul on guitar and Dean on drums.

Having only see one Rush tribute band before the vocals were always the problem with Geddy Lee's high range, but Pod did a very good job indeed, he even looked like him.

The material covered was from the first Rush album through to Signals and it is quite complex stuff to play, having to sing and play bass while playing bass pedals with your feet all at the same time takes some mastering.

Most of the best known songs were included in the set list but with so many to choose from it can't have been easy knowing what to leave out.

The Trees and La Villa Strangiato from Hemispheres was played with a great drum solo included which the crowd appreciated.

For anybody who likes Rush and doesn't want to wait years in the hope of their return this must be the next best thing. "

Alistair Flynn, Classic Rock society magazine, May 2005. 

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WORKING MAN (No w&nk - grim! )
IN THE MOOD (Done to him)
FINDING MY WAY (Iíd wig my fanny)
ANTHEM (Hat men)
BY-TOR AND THE SNOWDOG (Good-bye, thrown stand)
FLY BY NIGHT (By thy fling)
BASTILLE DAY (Be a tad silly)
LAKESIDE PARK (Speak dark lie)
THE NECROMANCER (Men hear concert)
2112: TWENTY-ONE-TWELVE (We wet novelty net)
TEARS (A rest)
SOMETHING FOR NOTHING (No fishmonger tonight!),
CLOSER TO THE HEART (Throttle each rose)
CYGNUS X-1 (Con sexy gnu)
XANADU (Ax a nud)
HEMISPHERES (He/she rips me)
THE TREES (Rest thee)
LA VILLA STRANGIATO (Latvian Alligators)
THE SPIRIT OF RADIO( I hid posterior fat)

FREEWILL (We'll fire)
JACOBS LADDER (Odd cables jar)
NATURAL SCIENCE (An electric anus)
TOM SAWYER (Tow my arse) 
YYZ (Wise head? why?)
RED BARCHETTA (The retard cab)
LIMELIGHT (I'll get him)
WITCH HUNT (Twin hutch)
THE CAMERA EYE (Yea, re-teach me)
SUBDIVISIONS (Sun voids ibis)
THE ANALOG KID (Go handle a kit)
BETWEEN THE WHEELS ( When we beset Ethel)
TIME STAND STILL (Dismantle stilt)
SUPERCONDUCTOR (Our concert spud)
ROLL THE BONES (Oh slob relent)
BRAVADO (Drab ova)
DRIVEN (Dr Vine)
FAR CRY (Car fry)

The reviews from Tropic gig in August 2011

Just a quick email to say how that last Friday's gig with "Bravado" was the best gig yet at the venue! Anyone who was not there missed a spectacular show and should not miss them if they return! I would like to thank them personally for travelling all the way down from Yorkshire to do the gig, giving us such a great performance and hope that they enjoyed themselves! PLEASE PLEASE get them back!

We were lied to! That couldn't have been a tribute band it was RUSH pretending to be BRAVADO! I saw Rush at Wembley in 2004, this lot were their equal. The music was loud, proud, and incredibly tight. So much so that the meagre crowd made as much noise as a full house. In some ways I feel sorry for the bands that are booked later in the year as they'll have a great deal of difficulty measuring up to the incredible performance we witnessed last night. BRAVADO are three guys that are masters of their craft.

Sadly the evening went by way too fast, next time an eight hour set please!!!!

Over the past six years or so I have averaged one gig per week at the following local North West/North London venues: The Rayners Hotel, Harrow Tithe Farm Social Club, The Greenwood (Northolt), The New Bull & Butcher (Whetstone), and from the last two years, the Tropic at Ruislip Manor Social Club. During that time I must have seen every tribute band of note from AC/DC UK to ZZ Tops, but in all those gigs I have never come across a tribute that is as impressive as Bravado, a tribute to the veteran Canadian Prog Rock band Rush.

Straight away from a very strong start with, "Spirit Of Radio", via "The Trees", "Tom Sawyer", "Temples Of Syrinx", and "The Big Money", the band never put so much as a foot wrong, just flawless musicianship throughout. The in room sound was just amazingly good to boot with "Geddy Lee's", thunderous bass pedals causing my trouser legs to flap in sympathy on occasion!

With three superb musicians I feel it would be unfair to single out anyone unduly so I'll just give a 10 out of 10 for their overall performance, very professional presentation and choice of set list. If one could take a Rush stadium show, shrink it down to fit inside a club setting (and at a club price!) yet not compromise on musicianship, sound and presentation then that is what one gets with Bravado. There is no catch.

Also it is very refreshing to see a band that takes a similar "no compromise" stance to their equipment and back-line, there must have been somewhere north of £20-30K of equipment on that stage (including a gong behind "Neil Peart's", massive drum kit, that he used precisely once throughout the two hour show)!! Met the drummer after the show, and I must say what a lovely, friendly guy with zero ego he was - despite having played the best drum solo this side of a Rush stadium show!!!

I gather that the advice given to Philip (Promoter at te Tropic) on enquiring after a Rush tribute was, "Bravado - just book them!", my advice to anyone reading this that is partial to the music of Rush (and especially) if tribute bands are "not their thing", is similarly straightforward, Bravado - just go and see them! Philip, I demand that they return and you will too!!!!

I attended the Bravado gig last Friday and as Rush are my favourite band of all time I was not expecting much from a tribute band having seen the original at the O2 fairly recently. However I was extremely surprised to see the musicianship on display and thoroughly enjoyed the night. The crowd there was probably the smallest I have seen there but certainly not the quietest or least appreciative. They were a fantastic band to see and if you can persuade them to play again I think it will be a big coup for yourselves. Being an avid fan I know that Rush music is an acquired taste so I cannot see that you would have a packed venue however I would return as would my wife. I can never understand how Rush are so underrated and with tribute bands like Bravado their music will live in forever. Lets hope I live to see the year 2112 in but I do not see that that will happen unless an ageless pill will be invented. Keep the SPIRIT OF RADIO alive and get them back again.


It was as if we had been transported back to the 80's and RUSH were actually performing at The Tropic.

Not only did BRAVADO perform with great accuracy, the very complex music of RUSH, but thanks to Phil's "Military Grade" full PA, you could feel as well as hear the vast wall of sound from this incredible 3 piece.

Been meaning to head down for a while and this was my first visit - not least because knowing that any band that was going to try and play Rush was going to not just be good but very good given the complexity of the music. Bravado rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations with a quality of performance and sound.

Everything about the show was excellent and if that is the standard then Iím looking forward to seeing some other bands but the only worry is that Bravado have set such a very high standard.

Thanks for putting on the show and thanks to Bravado, will be back for some other bands.

What a band! Brilliant from start to finish...two encores and we still wanted more. Very slick, excellent sound, great vocals, brilliant guitar work. So close to the real thing.

Wow! That was my reaction to the opening track, and many times throughout the evening. For 3 quietly spoken Yorkshiremen these guys made a lot of noise. Superb musicians and amazing replication of distinctive Rush sound - especially the vocals. Even friends who knew no Rush tracks said they were amazing. Hopefully the small audience were appreciative enough to bring them back again (not in the summer holidays next time!) Thanks Philip and Co. (Bravado)

BRAVADO, playing a tribute to RUSH (Friday,12th.August,2011) are the best band I've ever seen at Tropic at Ruislip. The three Yorkshire lads playing their first gig 'within the M25' treated a smallish but very knowledgeable and wildly appreciative audience to a stunning display of musical virtuosity that really captured the Spirit of Rush. This was Classic Rock at its very best!
RUSH have been described as the Rolls Royce of Rock and Heavy Metal and Bravado did them more than justice and then some!

With such an awesome back catalogue to choose from it's difficult to please everyone, but from "Spirit of Radio" through to "Working Man" they covered most of the bases from 70's beginnings to late 80's, which included great interpretations of classics such as "Temples of Syrinx", "The Trees" and "Tom Sawyer" amongst many others. They even came back for a couple of encores!

Bravado were musically superb. The guitar soloing was out of this world and really did seem to make Time stand Still. The singer playing bass and keyboards was also outstanding hitting just the right range vocally. The drummer, however, was a revelation and his seven minute solo, late on, was a percussion masterclass.

A lot of bands would save RUSH's most famous song "Tom Sawyer" (a personal favourite) for a finale, but Bravado had the professional confidence to place it early in the first half of their set and build on it.

To summarise, this was an excellent show delivered with style, guile and a big smile. Heart warming stuff indeed!!

To those who missed this gig, for whatever reason -- this was an absolute treat, so check them out if and when they (hopefully) return to Tropic. For any non-Rush music fans, this is a "Road to Damascus" job. You will be converted!
10/10. Highly Recommended.

P.S. Special mention to the Big Man driving the Desk. The sound balance was spot on. Great job! (Bravado)

Having been disappointed with the gig the previous week, I was a bit dubious about seeing a tribute act of one of my favourite bands, Rush.

Rush's music can be incredibly complex and would take three very professional musicians to get it right. Luckily thatís exactly what we got from Bravado, at times I was forgetting it wasnít the real thing, absolutely fantastic.

The only disappointment was that so many people missed out on this great gig. I am hoping the come back next year, as I certainly will and drag others with me.

Well what can I say? I was lucky enough to see The 'Real' Rush in May and last night for me was like a repeat of that gig. From their opening track 'Spirit Of Radio' (what else) till their last ' Bytor and the Snowdog' (when have you last heard that covered) they were Fantastic. I am married to a bass player who happens to be a Rush 'nut' so I know and appreciate how complex most Rush tracks are and in my opinion these three guys, all superb musicians play the music of Rush perfectly. Please, Please Tropic get 'Bravado' back down South again as soon as possible and if You are a Rush fan and you missed this gig I urge you to check them out.

I turn up for most gigs here and think most of the bands are really good but never post on here but last night Bravado were brilliant, one of the best tribute bands I have seen, all three were great musicians with a great drum solo (I get bored with most drum solo's) they had the sound of Rush down to a tee.

I first got into Rush at school around the time of their Farewell to Kings album and caught them in UK a few times at Hammersmith Odeon but by the time of their Exit Stage Left LP I had done my own exit stage left. Their more recent stuff I liked the odd track but their old stuff is what does it for me.

So I was curious when tribute band Bravado turned up to rock the Tropic last night.
Suffice to say lke Rush themselves they were superb musicians and probably one of the best bands Phil has ever had at The Tropic.

They announced at the start they only play the old stuff and they capped the night off with an encore of By Tor and the Snow Dog!

It was a good crowd last night but there should have been more to see this band. If you were not there and Phil gets them back next year or sooner do not miss them.

It's the first review I've ever sent in my life but I just have to comment on last night's gig, Bravado, the Rush tribute band. I love my evenings at the Tropic anyway but for me, personally, last night was the best band yet! How lucky that they agreed to travel from Yorkshire to play for us all. I really hope they will repeat the journey again next year. Their performance was amazingly superb in every way.

Thank you for supplying such high quality bands at such an excellent venue.

Bravado played the most fantastic gig I have ever seen in my life, loud! wow! Three absolutely brilliant musicians, Still cant believe how good they were, everyone who was there was totally gobsmacked, if you missed it, my commiserations. I only hope they come back again one day. Remember BRAVARDO, Rush tribute stunning!!!




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