The Band

The Black Dogz play the songs of one of the greatest bands from the classic era of rock music Led Zeppelin.

Not only do we perform the songs Led Zeppelin played all over the world, we also cover songs the legendary band never got around to playing live, delivering a live Led Zeppelin experience unmatched by any other tribute band.

The Black Dogz are all professional musicians. They are:

Andrew Walker Vocals

Andrew has a great voice loud and elastic and beautiful. He has moved around the cool music scene for two decades fronting various avant garde musical projects in USA and Europe amusing, seducing, delighting and always entertaining. Now having made his mark he wants to have some fun playing challenging music with great musicians The Black Dogz.


I started playing at the age of 15 after being inspired by hearing my first Led Zeppelin album. A few years and acid trips later, I joined my first band, a local indie band called The Wendyhouse. I then went on to form my own instrumental band until we collaborated with ex S-Express vocalist Chilo.

Following that I teamed up with Ray Owen from late '60s cult rockers Juicy Lucy. In 1995 we released the album 'Here She Comes Again', currently available on Universal and Ebay (usually very cheaply!).

In 1996 I had the opportunity to work on a project with Tony James (ex Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik), the ill-fated 'Fin De Siecle'

Next on the agenda was one last stab at an original band, namely Utopia Station. The band received a lot of attention from major record companies, but due to the economic climate of the time, their wallets were all empty! We did somehow manage to get free recording sessions at Alleycat in Reading and Ridge Farm studio in Surrey, where I slept in the same bed as Noel Gallagher, but not at the same time! As always, the band came to a demise, but not before beating the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Page at performing in China in the year 2000. The venue, Window of the World, was host to an anti NATO festival following the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, where we played nightly for 3 weeks. The set included the Beatles' Revolution and a snippet of the Whole Lotta Love riff during our version of Stevie Wonder's Superstition.

After 200 I spent a year playing with Kenny in Freed, a tribute to Free, before forming my own Led Zeppelin tribute. Seven years and more drummers than Spinal Tap later, 'artistic differences' inevitably led (no pun intended) to the end of that era.

Now, I am playing again with Ray Owen, in Ray Owen's Juicy Lucy and again with Kenny in THE BLACK DOGZ.

James Watson Bass and Keyboards

James discovered rock aged 12 through the Led Zep albums of his elder brother. Piano lessons took on a new meaning, and several tape machines were worked to death as he worked out how to play his favourite songs. The embarrassing school bands gradually grew into something more serious and he got his first record and publishing deal at 19. He has been recording and playing ever since, running a busy studio and doing session work on keyboards, bass and guitar for a variety of artists such as Roy Ayers, Paul Humphreys (OMD), Grace Jones, Skye (Morcheeba), as well as producing music for EMI, Sony and other labels. When The Black Dogz called and the rock beckoned, he was there, back to where it all started.

Kenny Stone Drums

Kenny started his drumming journey as a teenager in Reading. His passion for playing the drums was inspired by the amazing artists appearing at the legendary Reading Rock Festival and a constant supply of rock and prog rock albums from his elder brothers. Through the ensuing years Kenny could be found playing gigs across the UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe with a variety of bands and artists. It was during this period he decided to expand and develop his ability with the drums by enrolling at the world famous Drumtech, where he studied music and drumming for four years. This education has meant that not only could Kenny pursue a career as a professional musician and teacher, but also have the skills and understanding to study the drumming of one of his idols, the late John Bonham, and reproduce it with accuracy and passion for The Black Dogz. Kenny feels it is an honour and privilege to play some of the greatest rock songs ever written by one of the greatest rock bands, Led Zeppelin.



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