The Band of Sceptics


GYPIE MAYO - A Celebration

Pete Sargeant & Leigh Heggarty present a musical salute to the late Yardbirds / Dr Feelgood guitar ace

Featuring their respective groups BAND of SCEPTICS & The FLYING SQUAD, your hosts will steer this musical evening to cover the guitar player's career and own musical tastes AND compositions. Expect songs from Gypie's spells with The Yardbirds and Dr Feelgood and other rock, blues and roots numbers PLUS
a finale based upon the renowned 'Wolf Tracks' shows which of course featured the works of Chester Burnett..

Let the Smokestacks blaze and the Milk & Alcohol flow!


A few years back, late promoter and all-round great guy George McFall helped arrange a couple of gigs by BAND OF SCEPTICS featuring guitar ace GYPIE MAYO of Yardbirds and Dr Feelgood renown.

Mayo was the fourth member of the Band Of Sceptics as his friend Pete Sargeant wanted to make sure the Gypie fretwork was regularly heard in the London area after the guitarist's move to Bath.

These shows at Tropic and Bulls Head Barnes were to follow through on the 100 years since the birth of Chester Burnett aka Howlin' Wolf and Pete gave them the title 'Wolf Tracks' .

Guests such as Saiichi Sugiyama and Damien McCabe appeared and the ensemble blazed through Chess classics to appreciative audiences, much to Sargeant's pleasure as he remains a huge Wolf fan.

The icing on the cake at Ruislip was the addition of Leigh Heggarty's fiery outfit THE FLYING SQUAD - George ran the notion of adding them at their request past Pete and he immediately agreed - since when he and Leigh have been friends.

With the passing of Gypie in 2013, Peter and Leigh want to pay respects to him with some live shows and explain his influences and tastes and run through some of the songs he played with the various groups that welcomed him aboard.


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