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The Story so far...

Aynt Skynyrd have a philosophy on recreating the songs of the greatest rock 'n' roll band the world has seen, and it's a simple ethos......

Don't play it.... Feel it!

This has been born out of years of seeing many local bands play other bands songs quite adequately and in some instances very skilfully, but with no soul or feeling.

This would be criminal if it was to be applied to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The very fact that you are reading this means that you care about music, that it is not just a 'commodity' that is made to be sold by a cynical music industry.

Lynyrd Skynyrd were never about making hit records, although they seemed to be very good at it. This is because they played honest southern rock which you average Joe could relate to. There was no pretence in the message or the music.

One could argue that the notion of a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd undermines this idea of authenticity. Another side of the debate may point out that a tribute is the showing of the ultimate respect. Aynt Skynyrd prefers the latter, as forming the band was not an overnight decision, playing the songs was something we had been doing for years.

"The Freebird solo was the first lick I ever learnt to play on guitar. To play it in a band at every gig for over ten years and still get a shiver down my spine is down to pure love of a band that defined a generation." Nick West

After a couple of years Aynt Skynyrd started to rise up like a mighty Eagle sizing up a distant squirrel. We quickly realised that due to the physical size of the band, the proximity of most of our shows (draw a circle around the UK and you have our catchment area), the complexity of moving an outfit like this several hundred miles to play to 7 diehard fans, coupled with Tivvy's mental arithmatic 'issues' meant that we were never destined to give up the day job, but we had ever so slightly dipped a toe into the big time, and experienced what it is like on 'THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE'.

This had always been a place we could only glimpse at, watching excitedly from the audience for any movement behind the stage, in case a roadie came to turn an amp up or tune a guitar. The first time we 'crossed over' was at the 'Bulldog Bash' near Stratford Upon Avon. Although any reference to the great William S may well have been dimly received amongst the company of our esteemed hosts - the HELLS ANGELS!!

Aynt Skynyrd have done 3 Bulldog Bashes now, but the first one was the time we met 'The Parfitt'. Yes the Quo legend was sunning his spray on outside of his luxury 'mood room' (posh portakabin). Happy to shake hands, pose for pics and chat was the man who's riffs were the first ones I ever played on a guitar. That was the turning point for the band. We knew we could run with the big boys, we just had to pretend we understood the terminology - 'more gate on the snare', 'lower the overheads', 'DI the keys', are all terms we have had to learn. Dear reader, this cannot be be underestimated, as prior to these times of enlightenment, the technical knowledge and communication skills of the band were, shall we say' rudimentary.
Typical conversations would run as: 'that there, plug it in there. Eh? Where? What? Who's round is it?' at best. Usually we could get through a whole evening with just sign language and phlegm.

So to the present day. We are a fully disfunctioning awesome rock'n'roll band. We still play like we stole it (thanks mad Andy) still bicker like school boys (and girls) and are still chasing that dream. But we NEVER clock on or off.

This is not a career. Its a lifestyle.




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