The Ali McKenzie Band

Yiewsley’s finest band The Birds, who had been making a big splash on the UK live music scene, suffered the fickle finger of Pop fate from their almost namesakes the American Byrds who came across the Atlantic to promote their big hit with Bob Dylan’s “Mr Tambourine Man, and while two Birds/Byrds might have brought some confusion to the average pop punter, it certainly lead to the untimely demise of what had seemed to be an excellent up n coming UK act.

Packed with talent the Birds was an initial home to some of our finest musicians who went on to further master their craft and to enhance the output of other bands.

Probably best known is former Face and current Stone Ron Wood, but the Birds was also a finishing school for acclaimed bassist Kim Gardner who went on to The Creation and Ashton Gardner and Dyke

But in addition to a lot of musical talent the Birds also boasted one of the finest front men of that era the awesome Ali McKenzie of whom it has been said.

“Ali McKenzie sounded like a punkier Roger Daltry”

The Face

“Ali McKenzie has undoubted charisma and should have been a contender”

Rolling Stone review of Birds CD

 Well the good news is that the “contender” is back and jumps “in the ring” at Tropic with a band of highly accomplished accomplices on October 3rd…………..I predict a musical knock out and with some of his potential band members we’ll definitely be seeing stars!



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