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Geraint Watkins

“Discerning music lovers have long known that Watkins is not only an artist and entertainer of the very top drawer but also, bafflingly, an all too well-kept secret. Being so individual his style is hard to define -– I would file him as the missing link between Paulo Conte and Howling Wolf.”-Nick Lowe

Everyone who has seen Nick Lowe, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, or Mark Knopfler in recent years may not have known it, but they have enjoyed the musicianship of keyboard/accordian player Geraint Watkins.

Geraint has played his R&B/jump style piano and Creole-flavoured accordian with some of the great names in popular music, both live and as a session player for nearly 30 years. His new solo collection, Dial W for Watkins, will be his stateside debut and will appear on his fellow band-mate Lowe's label, Yep Roc Records. Despite a career that would make even the most road-weary rock veterans blush, Geraint is not content to rest on his laurels. Dial W for Watkins captures his finest solo recordings and plenty of collaborations with his mates, including Lowe on bass and harmony vocals. His ability to make the simplest musical statement into a sublime moment of entertainment still manages to baffle even his closest friends.

Robbie McIntosh

Recently returned from extensive touring and recording with John Mayer, Nora Jones, and widely regarded in the industry as one of the finest guitarists around following an illustrious career outlined below: 

The Pretenders

Sometime in 1977/78 Robbie met and became friends with Jimmy Scott (James Honeyman-Scott). It was this friendship that led Jimmy to contact Robbie in 1982 with a view to him joining The Pretenders as an extra member to help fill out the sound of the band live. Jimmy sadly died in June '82, and Billy Bremner took over initially; but Robbie was auditioned and joined The Pretenders in September '82.

He toured extensively and recorded two albums with the band (Learning to Crawl and Get Close) before calling it a day in September '87.

Paul McCartney

He Carried on doing session work through 1988, including some sessions for Paul McCartney, which led to Robbie (on Chrissie Hynde's recommendation) joining his band. He played with McCartney right through to the end of 1993, doing the two world tours plus smaller excursions, and two studio albums (Flowers in the Dirt and Off the Ground) and three live albums (Tripping the Live Fantastic, Unplugged and Paul is Live).

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