Juicy Lucy

Following a very successful re-launch of the band on an unsuspecting public on 16th February 2005, held at the famous Eel Pie Club in Twickenham, April 2005 saw the band setting out to gig across the UK. Kicking off supporting Saxon and Wishbone Ash in front of a crowd of 4000, they played at venues from Plymouth to Aberdeen and back again. Whether playing to long time fans from the '70s or to student audiences the response was the same; ecstatic! As one happy audience member was heard to say in Dundee "They're real live f****** rock stars, but nobody knows it yet!".

February 2006 saw the band supporting rock legends Nazareth at a string of dates up and down England as well as continuing to headline in their own right.

In June 2006 the band went in to The Levellers' Metway Studios in Brighton to work on the first new recordings for twelve years. The value of extensive live performance showed when it came to the recording sessions, with the band completing the tracking for eleven songs in four days! The result of these sessions was "Do That And You'll Lose It", released in September 2006.

Over the next two years the band continued to do things the old fashioned way; travelling the length and breadth of the UK, bringing their distinctive brand of blues-rock to the music loving public, building their fan base through hard work, determination and talent. In June 2008 bass player Fudge decided to leave for personal reasons and his role was taken up by the previously unseen but always present James. Not long after that upheaval Ray was taken seriously ill with a collapsed lung. This took him out of action during the height of the summer festival season. While he recovered the band continued to perform as a trio with Mr. Fish taking on vocal duties. Ray returned to the stage after only seven weeks but never managed to achieve full fitness and suffered a re-occurrence of his lung problem at the end of October 2008 which required surgery on the lung itself to remove the damaged area.

Ray was expected to be fit enough to return to the band early in 2009, but the remaining trio of Mr. Fish, Fletch and James had realised in Ray's absence that changes needed to be made in order for the band to continue to develop both it's music and it's audience. When this was put to Ray in January 2009 he was not in agreement and decided not to return, leaving the core "power trio" to carry the Juicy Lucy legacy into it's 40th year.


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