Ian "Houndog" Terry

Ian Terry probably best known as a founder member of MATCHBOX and the guitar pick for visiting U.S. festival acts in the  RockíníRoll and Rockabilly vein .What is not so well known is that Ian deputised for an indisposed second guitarist on Muddy Waterís first  UK   Band tour and fitted in so well with the amazing Waters band that Muddy asked him to play the tour where  he developed a great personal and musical friendship with the late great Muddy. Ian will dip in to all areas of his musical journey with only one label that encompasses all- great music!!!

Playing in bands since 1964, Iain has had much of his work released on cd and vinyl, both as a soloist of some repute, and with a wide assortment of rockin' bands such as Matchbox (Iain was a founder member), Rock Island Line, and The Spys. Iain has backed Screaming Lord Sutch, recorded for The Elvis Show in London, and his first solo recording, Chicken Shack Shuffle, is currently on re-release. Iain claims the ultimate highlight of his career, as having the privilege of backing the afore mentioned Muddy Waters.


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