If you have an AOL e-mail address
please read the message below.

We probably cannot write to you and acknowledge your ticket if you have an AOL address. You can still book using it if it is the only one you have.

Notwithstanding the fact that we operate a very clean opt in e-mail list and will always remove somebody from it should we be asked the high and mighty AOL block our mail from time to time as we are adjudged by them to be sending SPAM - which we are most certainly NOT.

It follows that if you have an @aol.com or @aol.co.uk e-mail address you will not go on our main mailing list but your address will go to a third party mail handler called "Mail Chimp" and your mail may well STILL get blocked.

You should actually get your mail just as if it was coming from "Tropic" but I thought you should be aware of this policy. If you do NOT want to be on the list wait until you get your first mail from there and follow the unsubscribe links. I have tried complaining to AOL but it is like talking to a brick vaall.

If you have an AOL address and want to complain on our behalf please do, AND if you have some sort of "white list" within it please add admin@tropicatruislip.co.uk to it.

If you have a alternative address please send it to me.

hotmail users

Please add admin@tropicatruislip.co.uk to your contacts list so our mail does not go in to your junk mail folder. But I sometimes use other e-mail addresses, please check your Junk mail folder once a week and add any addresses to your contacts list.




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