As I am sure several people who come to the gigs at the Tropic At Ruislip know I also have been running the local community web site for Ruislip for a number of years. This is a handy resource for local (and not so local) people and I hope folk find it interesting and helpful. Certainly it is a MASSIVE web site and has taken me many many years to write. You can see it from this link (opens new page).

In order that it does not become a financial burden to me as well as selling a few adverts to local traders I have for many years relied on pay-per-click adverting income from Google, but over time this income has reduced and reduced either because of people just getting a bit fed up with them and ignoring them or because more and more people are installing advert blocking software.

I do not really want the web site to become loss making and equally I do not want to see it vanish and so with this in mind I am trying to garner some income from it via the Amazon Associates account I have one there, which I have actually had for 15 years but never really pushed....until now.


All you have to do is make ONE small change to your browser NOW and going forward, every time you make a purchase from Amazon on your PC I will earn a penny or two.

Most people buy stuff from Amazon and if you do I guess you have a link saved to Amazon from your home page on your Internet browser. 

The idea is fairly simple. Let’s say you use Google Chrome (I think most folk do these days) as your internet search engine. I am sure like me you have across the top a list of your favourite sites with links to them, maybe even in folders?? Is Amazon up there?? If so DELETE IT. 

I then ask you to go to this web page (link opens new window) and if all goes according to plan you will end up on the same Amazon home page as your present link (maybe with one more click but if you have Java turned on on your machine you should go straight there).  

All I ask you to do is save THAT Amazon home page to your favourites page (or toolbar/folder) and not the one you had. It is exactly the same home page as before and you even get the logo as before, but the fact that you have gone in to it via my web site (in the first place) means that for every purchase you make I will earn a small commission. You only have to make this small change to your link once. 


To make a page a “favourite” on Google Chrome with the page you want to save open in front of you look close to the top right of it and in the white address box and you will see a Star. Click on the star and a little box pops up asking where to save it, then click done in this box (or first change location as you prefer).

Many thanks for this, and also many thanks for supporting live music.


Visit the web site now